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    I know these are never to be charted in a pt chart. So how do you prove you followed policy, and that you did an incident report should one be necessary. Things get lost, and if it wasn't charted it wasn't done. I know the reasons admin does not want them mentioned in a pt how do you cya if you can't document it? Just a little discussion we are having at work....your thoughts?

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    I did not see anything about CRNA until later in this thread.....yes big difference. I for soem reason although not stated thought nursing. I also thought from your post that you were delaying your education. So yes it will be hard, and stressful.....but if y'all are a team as you say.... you can do anything you set your mind to do. Just keep communication lines open, and encourage each other.
    My husband and I have a little signal thing we do when we are a little stressed, or have just had enough, and need a little time or attention from the other.....that way we don't have to go into a big explanation. We decided when we were first married that we would not fight...we might be mad, and ready to kill the other....but as long as we were in the fight frame of mind we would try to keep our mouth shut.....things said in anger are usually meant to hurt the other, and gets you no where fast. It has worked for us for 28 years. I wish you both the best of luck!

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    I have Urbane & Dickies, but wear hospital issued most of the time. I am not a print person, but I think they are great if you work peds. Socks....any kind just as long as you have some on! Oh, and my hospital issues are always strached & ironed! My pet peeve.... wrinkled scrubs or the kind with that big band thing around the ankle!

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    Quote from inpatientlywaiting
    How unreasonable would i be if I wanted him to pick up a shift or 2 per month? I'm going to have to pick up our medical, and it's going to eat about half my pay check. I was hoping at least one shift would off set this... He tells me no. Your thoughts?
    Not unreasonable at all....don't see why he can't work at least part time and go to school....of course its between y'all. Just remember don't ask for something that you will not be willing to do when its your far as the children he is still their dad, and will need to make time for them also. Just my

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    Quote from xtxrn
    Wow- impossible to narrow down to just one....16 y/o struck by lightening going to get the mail- heart stopped, anoxic encephalopathy.....8 y/o who's blood sugar was >800 when the doc FINALLY listened to her parents and quit saying it was the flu, and did some lab work to find an undiagnosed diabetic...all she could move was her little finger, and whimper........ Holocaust survivor w/CA who was so pleasant even with all she'd been through and was going through.......40-something y/o guy w/melanoma just removed (still had sutures) and found out he had multiple brain mets lesions, plus mets to bone, liver, lung..died in a month.......late teens boy who was in an MVA and saw his friend decapitated (didn't remember) whose injuries changed his life.....babies w/deformities.... pregnant 12 y/o- dad's baby........kid whose step-dad BIT OFF his finger because he got ticked off at some dumb thing; police found the finger in an ashtray.......little folks at the nursing homes (several in each)..... it goes on and on- IMPOSSIBLE to name just one.

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    ADN graduated in May 2006....went to work the next week. Started Med Surg $17.00/hr + shift diff 7p-7a.

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    The only invasive thing our techs can do is draw blood, but not allowed to check bs. The rest is up to us. After midnight its nothing for us to be 7-8:1....with one tech if we are lucky! I agree with bust your wide open, and just get it done. Last night at one point I had 8 was a trauma.

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    Thank you for the great explanation! With my limited knowledge my thinking was on the right path.....that
    because of the mixing of the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood sats would need to be lower. I just wasn't sure how low. I had not had time to really read up/understand this in great detail. Once again thank you!....thats why I love allnurses!

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    OK....a baby that was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome underwent Norwood procedure.....released home, sats staying in the 77-low 80's range family stated this is her normal. Instructed to use o2 if sats went below 70, all you nurses that deal with this on a daily basis.....does this sound right?

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    Quote from LegzRN
    So at what point did you call your primary doctor to make an appointment?
    Oh wait they don't have a pcp, no insurance,or waiting on their medical card...... just moved, and have not had time to get a pcp,..............or the doctor doesn't have an appt available until 2013....Sorry but these are the responses I hear so much when I ask....have you seen your pcp.

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    Sorry you had bad day. I am not a travler so I known nothing about how your agreement works. My only thought is that as an ICU nurse you should not have a problem with MS pts. You would certainly have to adjust to having more pts, but I don't see how that would be unsafe.....unless the pt load was ridiculous. You know your limitations, and it is your license.

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    Oh gag! I am pretty sure I am going to throw up! Seriously I would have called security, and had the vulture removed!

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    I have been on nights for five I know how you feel. I am always tired, but when I work I can only sleep a few hours at a time. When I am not working all I want to do is sleep....possibly because I am so sleep deprived most of the time....I am going to days in a few weeks, and hoping this will make a difference. People that do not work nights just cannot understand how hard it is on you, and that is very frustrating. I seems like even if you do do not rest during the is just not the same. I wish you luck, and if nothing is medically wrong then you will just have to sleep, sleep , sleep....and hopefully your body will adjust, and so will your family.

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    If the charge nurse was given report...then that is her pt, and she should have charted everything until this pt was handed off to someone else.

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    ~ 5-7 mins. plenty of free parking. That is one of the reasons I stay.....other options at least 1-1.5 hrs each way.