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    I was working M/S, and they needed someone to float to the ER...I went, and loved it. Then there was an opening, I applied, and got the job.

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    Quote from hoopschick
    look at short stay/day surgery, ambulatory surgery units. The flow is very much like an ER, people come in, and go out same day, you do a brief history, check meds, allergies, VS, start an IV, maybe an EKG, some education and send them to OR. Then, they go home, or on to the inpatient unit.

    The benefit is that many are there electively, and most are actually very pleasant, and generally only irritable because they missed their coffee or oatmeal or whatever.
    I did just this. I went to out pt surgery, and I am miserable! I miss the ER! I am bored to death, and I have been in this new position for one week! The nurses I work with are super nice, and helpful. The work is easy,and I am off every weekend/holiday. I am trying to adjust, trying to be laid back, trying to like it....but I just don't. The patients are no problem, and you do just start an IV, VS, head to toe assessment, detailed history, meds/allergies, hang some fluids, pre-op meds....then wait for them to come back re assess, VS/DC instructions/education.... I feel awful that I don't like it, and my family is so happy I have this new job.....did I mention I miss the ER ???

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    I call the police period.

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    DizzyLizzyNurse likes this. whole ER has set days off! I work W,T,F and every other Sat. I am off Sat, S, M,T one week....Sun, M,T the next....always unless I choose to work on my days off.
    The other end of the week works when we are off....and are off when we work.

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    I have been offered two different positions where I currently work. One is outpt surgery, the other OR circulator. I am an ER nurse and really like what I do....but, I have found my self getting a little aggravated with people that abuse the ER. I try very hard not to show it but I know I do. I am so sick of seeing the same frequent flyers... It is stressful, and constant motion.
    I was offered a position in outpt surgery....nice easy job....weekends off, and all holidays, but there is call. Then I was offerd a position as OR circulator....stress, a lot to learn, have to take call....but very interesting. I cannot for the life of me decide what to do....stay where I am or take them up on one of the offers. I have shadowed the new positions, and all I know so far is I hate recovery for the ones that will be admitted.....outpt recovery not too bad.
    I have tried to do pros & cons... Outpt work 4 days a week 2 12's 2 8's same day off every week... weekends & holidays off....have to take call.
    ER 4 12's one week- 3 12's next week....all my days together giving me 3 off one week 4 off the next week....and I just went to holidays, and every other Sat. I am very comfy here, good at what I do....but feel like I am getting a little burnt out.
    OR circulator M-F 8 hour shifts....on call...holidays & weekends off.
    I just keep going round & round....any advice?
    btw...I just saw my typo in the title & dont know how to edit (dilemma)

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    We have'em & I use'em!

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    When my husband was at home he, his dad, and brother use to coon hunt a lot.....his mom said they would have deer ticks all over them....she would have them shower using Rid....the head lice stuff.....worked for them!

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    I use the black out curtain panels, on top of that navy blue sheets double thickness......taped all the way around the edges....then my normal curtains over the top. Fom the inside/ outside looks like normal curtains.....and its dark as night! I also bought a small window ac unit....we have central air, but I wanted to block out noise. I can have it as cold as I like without freezing the rest of the family or having to cool the whole house while I sleep.

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    eeeewwww! The library....seriously? I have never had any dealing with the little critters....and hope I never do! I am itching like crazy!

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    Quote from usalsfyre
    Sedation and paralytics are an awesome way to kill someone who's a poor candidate, just so you can be "humane".
    Like I said unless there is a very good reason.....sedation, and paralytics.....

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    This makes me sick & furious! Write his sorry butt up! Unless they are totally unresponsive, and death will excuse. While I am at it..... I will also have a fit if they are not sedated....along with the paralytic...inhumane!

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    Awesome images! Thank you so much!

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    debRN0417....I just about puked while I read your story.....I think any of us that have made or thought we made an error feel just about like you did!.....been there and had those feelings.
    When I was a brand new nurse I had to hang Dilantin....I knew it was highly incompatible....there was a fluid running I think it was d5. So I talk this over with an older nurse that had been there forever ( everyones go to person)....assures me that there is no need to stop the fluid....its ok to hang them together. Stupid, and new I follow his directions.....instead of looking it up....double checking for myself. Bad move! The min it hit the line it turned white.....I just about passed out...couldn't, sweaty, heart beating outta my chest! I grabbed the line bent it in half....unhooked it from the t-port....did not even stop the pump until later. I was just sick! Thank goodness I stayed and watched it. I was so upset, and that poor pt just laying in the bed without a clue! I went and told my charge nurse, but since none got to the was ok. She went over a lot of things with me and I can tell you.....I always double, triple check anything I am not familiar with to this day.....I know I learned a lesson but man it was a terrible feeling! Thank the good Lord no harm was done.

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    I was a MS nurse for about 1.5 years...and I was always being floated around....Tele mostly. Then one day I was sent to the ER....the rest is history. I loved it, and moved from MS to ER. I would suggest that if you can get some Tele/ICU experience first that would be very helpful to you, and your patients.....not only would you have a good grasp on cardiac, but you will learn a lot about drips,critical care. If you don't want to wait you can as the above posted mentioned take some classes. I think I would have been much more at ease if I had been more experience with cardiac the drips ect.....I made it just fine but I had to work really hard, and I still am not what I would call a cardiac nurse. Your MS experience will be very helpful with time mgmt., and juggling a lot of things at once. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.

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    Quote from Esme12
    YOu document the events. NOT the filing of the incident report. Incident reports are for internal investigations/review only. If entered in the patient record theyare admissable in court.

    EXAMPLE: "Patient found on floor with 1cm laceration to R temporal area. Patient denis any LOC. PERRLA, moves all extremities well hand grasps equal. Patient denies pain. Patient returned to be with 3 assist and denies complaints. Md and house supervisor notified as per P&P....orders noted and recieved. Patient to CT accompanied w aid." Blah...blah...blah...

    and then fill out the occurance report as directed by your supervisor...OK? Is that what you wnated to know?
    No, but thanks for taking the time to reply....more along the lines of Ashley PICU RN's advice.