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    hey silverdragon, thanks for your reply!! I have some friends who are portuguese with parents still living in portugal so maybe I can find out through her! I would love to go for a holiday to portugal though!!! My step father was portuguese and I have wanted to learn the language since I was 5 years old which is the main reason I want to go there. The only way im going to learn is if im surrounded by the language 24/7. I dont mind if I dont work as a nurse just as long as I have a job which pays enough to cover my living expenses for a year or so although it would be a great advantage to my on going career as a nurse if I did!! x

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    Hiya Hope0611. I am a newly qualified nurse and im thinking of going to work in portugal after having 6 months experience in the uk first. Did you manage to find out any more information about working there? I have searched on the net but cant really find anything.