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    i understand. i too struggled with finding friends at your age. when i was 18-22, i went to a big 4 year university far from home. no friends, spent all my time in the dorm, or just walking around campus, or drinking. i would up washing out as a passive-aggressive way of saying screw it.

    i took some time off, moved to a town just 30 minutes from my hometown, and went to the local community college. 2 years of pre-reqs, 2 years of actual nursing school. graduated at 27, and have been a nurse for 3.5 years.

    i was lonely, and afraid when i started. but i'm glad i went. the very first week of ns, i decided that "i'm gonna meet people and i'm gonna be glad. they will want to be friends with me". we all were in the same boat. without my school friends and i would have never made it through.

    i believe that if you want this bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. cna is not a terrible job. it is a job that will require you to work. it's not easy to take vitals, answer people's needs. and do it all with a smile. if you are a hard worker, you will go far. i found that being a cna gave me a real leg up with nursing school clinicals.

    have you ever seen a therapist regarding your anxiety/depression? sometimes medication can help. do you have no small colleges around?

    believe me, will always be here for you. even when you don't know what to do. whenever you have a bad day post here, and we'll help. i can't tell you how many times i wanted to quit, but the users helped me remember why i wanted to be a nurse.

    and the best thing i found about being a nurse? i married a co-worker's daughter, and my co-worker had me checked out for about 2 years on the down low. her daughter is the love of my life, and i know now that everything i went through led me to her. feel free to pm me if you want to talk. peace.

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    I want to say that this is Ridiculous. I transferred to tele last year, and those monitors go off for EVERYTHING!. We have no tele techs, but only have a max of 14 patients(we are a post cath lab sheath pull floor). Any nurse will go read and check strips with alarms. We do the best we can although sometimes things are missed. I feel for you. There needs to be one person to check the central monitor at all times for a floor that big. what is your charge doing?

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    Most facilities have a set starting salary for new grads, depending on shift. Personally, I started in the summer of 2008 at 23/hr with a 5/shiff diff per hour for working nights. Doesn't matter what unit you work. They also paid for a NCLEX review class and NCLEX related expenses once you passed and started working. They don't do that anymore. What is the market like currently for new grads in your area? That's a question worth asking, and schools aren't as honest as they used to be. Post a general thread in the new grad area. It may be different in a couple years, or it may not. Also, what are your motivations for going into nursing? My school had us write a page essay for the professors on "Why I want to be a nurse". Spot essay with 1 hour to write it. No points, but it was good thought process for me. Feel free to PM me that, or any questions you have. I like to think I'm a pretty good sounding board.

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    Generally the associates degree requires some pre-reqs, and then 2 solid years of nursing courses. I would say that your program will not let you pick and choose to only take one class at a time(usually you have to take theory, clinicals(usually a all day thing), do return lab skills).
    Talk to a financial aid advisor and see if they have any grants when it comes to changing careers. Also, look into community colleges versus privates. CCs generally charge less to residents.

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    happy new year all. Spent it at work, taking care of a few people who overindulged a bit. It's in the 40s here, but no snow. Sleeping till the afternoon, the In laws are going to a friend's house for a party, so the wife and I will be probably here playing video games until the cows come home(although I should be working on a 10 page school paper....NAH, it's a holiday!)

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    I'm with you. We have a few that come in and EVERY AM it's "Oh, I'm not taking so and so he's mean(NM that he's been perfectly pleasant to me), the family is rude(just concerned, and very understanding if you take some time), and he's a mess(due to his dressings/IV meds/or other know, actual WORK)" Make it seem like some issue is YOUR fault. Whatever. I'm done with it, if they want to try to make it a biggie, I'll be the first to tell em, "I've done what I can. I work nights. I don't call consults at midnight unless I need something." Good for you for standing up for YOU.

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    I worked ortho/neuro for many years. Basically, you have do know how to do neuro checks(orientation questions for person/time/place, numbness or tingling that's new or moving around, checking hand grasps and wiggling toes.), what precautions are there for spinal patients (things like checking for log roll orders, knowing how to move the patient-have them roll to side before pushing with arms as they bring legs down, no bending/lifting/twisting.) All round basic nursing knowledge. Good luck, I hope you get it! Do they get CVAs as well is a good question to ask.

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    I had my first code a few weeks ago. Feel free to search for it. It contains ideas and thoughts that I had to get out, and the support from the other ers was just what helped me pull out of a shame spiral and feeling like I was a crappy nurse. Being there and asking your coworker "Hey, I'm here, I have a few minutes, do you want to talk about what happened?" will do more than a gift.

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    Those orders are there because it is shown that x dose can be safely metabolized in most cases with y time. Ours are 0.2mg/q10 mins, 4mg/4hrs, and cont is usually about .4 a hour. If that's not working, then maybe we need some relaxers, something for anxiety, something else. Keep calling and do what you can. I bet the patient had some choice words for the doc the next time he saw him!

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    I'm more than happy if I have a admit at the start of shift, if the offgoing nurse has at least put them on a tele monitor, made sure they're comfortable, done basic orders, and explained that the night nurse will be in as soon as possible. When I see a admit like that, they're first, and I do a head to toe, ask if there are any immediate issues, and explain I'll be asking them a bunch of admission questions a little later.

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    I feel for ya ruby, I really do. I worked on a unit where because I'm younger (30) and was a CNA on the same unit before I was a nurse, the aides were quick to claim that I was a bully to them. Never mind that I would ask them to do their responsibilities, to actually get their blood sugars before 8PM so I could dose insulin, to help so and so back from the bathroom because I was going to the post op that just came in, helping out with what I could. Many nights I gave at least one complete bedbath, just to lighten the aides load.
    But instead, I get that I'm being mean/bullying, because I'm asking rudely for them to do things. I always said please, when you get a chance, etc. So then I started being a D###, and that clued them in pretty quick that when I'm being rude to you, you'll know it. And maybe playing on facebook in the patient room when you're helping me turn them is not the correct time, hmmmm?
    I HATE that this is the generation I'm lumped into. Some people have no concept of a work ethic, and when you actually expect them to....oh, I don't know....WORK, for their paycheck, and help out, "Oh, did you need help?" Yeah, vanishing into the stairwell during the emergency light, and then getting caught coming back "Oh, I went to the other floor to get big depends for so and so." REALLY? Cause you didn't tell nobody, and I just saw you walk past before the situation that warrented the emergency happened. ticks me off.

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    see, I trained on days when I started as a new grad, and i noticed WITHOUT A EXCEPTION, everyone would go down to the cafe when it opened at 7am, come back, eat breakfast, get lunch at 11=12 ish, then snack in the afternoon, and then be wondering why they were still charting when day shift came on.
    I ate a quick snack at 7AM, after assessing all my patients, giving any needed meds, etc. I wouldn't eat again until about 1, so I could give my lunch meds, check my new admits, etc. I would try to snack if I needed to, but I was always done, and charted and ready to give report by shift change. Rare was the day when I stayed over.
    And this was on a busy ortho/neuro/medical floor, so lots of admits and surgeries.

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    a microscopic film of urine on the inside of the bag would probably lead to a dirty sample. there's no way to get EVERY drop out of the bag, every time. I always use the port when collecting, it's good practice. I will be asking my CNAs next shift if they use the port, or if they're just getting it out of the bag.

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    these are crackin me up!

    Mine was I had a confused guy in wrist restraints sitting in a bedside chair. He was convinced he was in prision. got a hold with a folding chair, and threw it through the window. 5th floor of the hospital courtyard. lol

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    We have a group that rotates. When you hire in, you take the group of whose position you filled. You always work the holiday with the same group of people. With 9 night shifters, we have 3 groups of 3. A, B, and C. Example- I hired in in Feburary. I was put on the C group. Worked on 4th of July. Had night before off. Off Labor Day, Off Thanksgiving(although I'm working Wed night-holiday pay 12 to 5am.), working Christmas-so I'm off Christmas Eve. Working New Year's Eve(not the holiday), so I'm off New Year's day(the actual holiday). Won't have to work a true holiday until Memorial day.
    Truthfully, there are only 7 real holidays all year(New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)