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    I think your instructor choice (based on facility) would be more important (IMHO). I'd say hands down U of M is in a completely different league than PG (oh the things I've seen at PG)!

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    It was the former CEO Breckenridge whose bonus was exactly the amount that would have cost to pay nursing salaries to make up for the critical shortage that got them in trouble a while back (it's all online). They used to be #1 in MD as a magnet hospital...the best of the best. I did 2 rotations there but they had no openings so I worked for another company inside the building just to be there...the karma was awesome back then.

    I think CEO Mr. Robertson has turned the place around considering what he had to work with when he stepped in. He's got a conscience and seems to be doing a good job from what I hear. Anyone know what it's like within the past 2 years?

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    I would NOT recommend it. I turned down a LOT of money but losing my license wasn't worth it. It felt quite dysfunctional and out of control. I learned working for a stellar facility was my only option. If they're not the best department I've seen (or have the willingness/potential to be the best) I move on.

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    I went there; being one of four males, who had to take tests separated (one exam, I'd be in the hall outside the classroom and the others in each corner of the room the next exam the other male would have to test in the hall until 2 finally quit). Rationale? "Because all men cheat" she stated in front of the classroom and dragged my desk into the hall where I started my very first nursing exam. I was shocked!

    This was one teacher who taught Psych. and half of the first year general nursing courses (well call her "G"). We reported her to the Dean as did several other female students and our class leader after more inappropriate acts were played out on the remaining males. One time may have been a one time misjudgment/psychotic episode but this was weekly....Paraded in front of the class for not shaving after an all nighter study on a non clinical day, a scuff on the shoes for class show and tell and on and on. it got more intense with time so we reported the bovine but were told by dean "T" to tolerate it or we very well may not graduate! I thought What The F? What kind of Medieval crap is this? Neither of us had been treated before or since (we still talk about the "beast" today hoping she's passed away already, checking the obituaries-yes it was THAT bad)!

    I fault the fecal bag for her inexcusable behavior and failure to recognize what is appropriate and failure to stabilize her psychotic arse (most of the class believed she was on heavy metals for stability) leaving her personal life/trauma outside of the class and I fault the dean "T" for doing nothing AND preventing a formal complaint (witnessed acts be the entire class week after week) not only by us but my our class leader and other individuals. We did get pity from the rest of the class but this is hardly what we envisioned. Inexcusable.

    I hope they've turned things around and they have a different dean and a different psych instructor (hope she died already). I suspect based on other posts that a lot of BS still goes on with those who aren't stable enough to do direct care any longer. I've gone on with my education and have never before or since been treated like that. BSN programs apparently don't pull this crap at formal Universities. I'd suggest WAU if you've got the cash. Those instructors are awesome! All the other instructors at MC were stellar and professional and got the job done fairly and efficiently but the fact this could happen despite reports I would be remiss if I didn't warn you there may be some unstable/poor decision making people still on staff there.

    I did see the beast one time years later and she asked if I could take a student rotation on my unit. I said "no" (holding back) and when she went to get food (in the cafeteria) I told her students I felt sorry for them and asked if she was still crazy...funny thing, they ALL said absolutely YES!