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    I am pretty new to this website and love all the information and topics. Its been helpful since I am a fairly new nurse too. I have read quite a few topics pertaining to difficulties in the work enviroment, filing grievances and being totally stressed out to the point of physical side effects. My question is this...How will quitting affect my filing grievances with the union, HR, EEOC and the state board of nursing. Everyday that I work the DON finds something to go to the administration for. Situations that would otherwise call for a discussion on how she would prefer things to be done. I dont want to say too much because I have filed claims against the DON. Here's one situation: I have been employed at this facility for 6 months and work all shifts and stations at a 99 bed facility on a part time basis. A full time nurse recently quit because he was fed up which he talked about often. So now they have hired a new nurse instead of offering his hours to me. And now that I have filed these claims/grievances my october schedule has a whopping 4 days on it. I'm just sick to my stomach over it and feel there will be no relief if I stay. Please help

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    I'm a new LVN grad myself working at a LTC for 5 months now. I have been floating since the begining but its only a 99 bed facility. I think I have done well learning everyones morning, noon, evening and noc meds but the other day I got suspended for 3 days for my first med error. I didnt administer coumadin to a resident because I could not find it anywhere in the cart. I made the awful mistake of not getting it from the ekit as well. Stupid I know. I dont know why that didnt cross my mind. I had noticed however that 3 different nurses had been signing for this med so I asked the same person who worked that cart the night before who happened to be working that evening on another cart where the medicine was. Least to say after a phone call to the pharmacy the med was never ordered. The others were signing but not giving is my conclusion. The don said they got it from the ekit but why did they not document that on the mar or order the med in the first place after realizing it wasnt there. why would they just keep getting it from the ekit? was the pharmacy out of supply?? and why didnt the other nurse tell me he got it from the ekit??? So I was the only one getting suspended for this...I think its totally unfair.

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    I pounded the pavement for about 3 months without even getting an interview. finally one of my husbands co-workers wifes got me into a LTC facility. I have been there about 5 months now and am constantly being educated on policies and procedures...lots to know. I know I got lucky but I really dislike this facility. Not only does it suck when you cant find a job but i feel worse now that I have a job and go home thinking...did I make the right career choice?? are all facilities like this? Well i wish you the best of luck. I hope your first job is a good enviroment

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    I'm new to this site although I have been reading blogs and articles for months. I'm also a new grad with my first job as an LVN in a LTC facility. My head is constanty spinning with things to do. I will keep all nurses in my prayers as I well know, we need it:heartbeat