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    P.S. Her job was never on the line. She was told if she didn't do that shift she wouldn't be qulified for overtime shifts in the future.

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    I'm a mom that suffered Pre-eclampsia. The only cure is to give birth. My blood pressure was stabilized at 200/130 and I was in kidney failure. I lost my vision from swelling in my brain, gained 65lbs extra of fluid and started having seizures. I was dieing and the only way to live was to have my son at 30 weeks gestation. I didn't want to let him go, and felt like I failed to keep him safe. But my Dr finally convinced me to have a c-section.

    Luckily after 6 weeks in the NICU he came home 100% healthy. But if he was 22 weeks there is little to no chance for survival. Did this baby go to the NICU? I've seen the little babies in the NICU, they suffer greatly, and usually don't survive even after being on the life support machines. Maybe this family choice the more humane way, than for their baby to go through so much pain for almost no chance at life.

    How DARE this woman do this?!? This family surely wanted a baby not a funeral. I know how devastated I was, I cried for a week straight. I know women that lost their babies from Pre-E and other complications. I'm truly offend that this is being called abortion or murder.

    P.S. HELLP is similar as Pre-E but your liver shuts down as well. Both are life threatening.