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    My hands are the same. The hospital provides lotion but it causes the damage to be worse. I carry Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion in my pocket and I love it. But Bath and Body Works has some nice smelling stuff

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    What ever happened to "Whistle-Blower" protection or does that not apply here?

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    I would be willing to drive up to 40 miles to work (been there done that) but I am very happy that I currently live only 2 miles from my job.

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    Our policy says all laboring pts require 18g IV's. That is unless you are a VBAC. Then you are required to have a 16g IV.

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    $50.USD in Indiana for two years.

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    I've seen it several times and I love it!!!

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    I carried mine around my neck for many years. I stopped last year when the back of my neck started burning really bad when my steth was touching it. Now I keep it with me during rounds but otherwise it sits in my nursing bag until I need to have it with me.

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    Got my H1N1, Seasonal Flu and Tdap all within a week of each other several weeks ago. No problemos! No weakness, no soreness, no fatigue.

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    Merry Christmas to everyone at ALLNURSES!!!! Especially those of you that will be me

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    This is happening here also and I cannot believe that management does not see the problem. The blame is put on the nurse when complaints are made that someone did not get the care the desired and deserved when in the hospital. When I worked night shift med surg it was nothing to start your night out with 7-9 pts and get 4-5 admits during my shift. I was a stressed out mess all the time. Of course, my managers blamed the fact that I had been an OB nurse for many years and didn't understand the dynamics of the med surg floor. :angryfire Surprize!!!!! All my co-workers were stressed to the max also.
    I agree that it will never get better. Money, not safety for the patients or the nurse, is the important issue for these hospital administrations now. They have seen that they can staff the floor this way, the work somehow gets done and they have made money. It will only get worse from here. I am glad that I am closer to retirement than I am to just starting out. I feel bad and afraid for what these new nurses are going to face. I am burning out both physically and mentally. I want to go work in the bakery or deli at greeter job for me.

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    I have had the same thing happen to me....only I have worked in this unit many years before my 2 pain in the patooties nurses came along. One would try to take over my labor patients every freaking time we worked together and tell me how to manage my labors. Finally, I said to her "You take all the labors today cause you will be managing them anyway. I will take nursery and postpartum." She got my point and backed off. The second nurse has only been a nurse for 2-3 years and has been an OB nurse less than a year!!!!! She likes to try to boss me around and make lists for me. VERY irritating. I've been an OB nurse almost as long as she's been alive. Can't complain as she and the unit manager are best buds...even going on vacations together and are constantly texting each other.

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    I have seen several nursing students/CNA's get hired as new nurses. If the managers and staff nurses know you and trust you and enjoy working with you, I think it gives you a huge advantage over new grads with no experience or no ideas what it takes to work the floor. I say go for it.

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    Sounds like a horrible situation and every bit of it should be reported right up the chain of command until someone listens and does something about it.
    I have been a pt many times. Unfortunately, not in an OB unit. But I have always had good experiences with my caregivers. I consider myself very lucky.

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    1) Long showers
    2) Playing with my dogs (who are wonderful listeners)
    3) Talking to my sisters on the phone
    4) Chocolate...not good for my diabetes I know
    5) Walking.....with my Mp3 player cranked up
    6) Watching a good movie

    and of course, my personal favorite:

    7) Taking a nap!!!!

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    I work weekend option and don't have a unit secretary to put orders in. Fortunately, our computer charting allows our doctors to put their own orders in and they rarely ask us to do it for them. Its a wonderful system.