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    I would recommend that you research a good triage book and discuss it with your physician colleague(s). There are a number of good ones available at reasonable cost.

    Generally speaking, what types of things would you expect you might get calls about from pre or post surgical patients?

    Typically, when a nurse (or anyone) is triaging a call you must get detailed information about their concern. You should ask questions to determine the nature of their complaint. It is extremely helpful if you have access to their chart during the triage in your setting.

    Keep in mind that you may not practice medicine when you triage patient calls. The physician will help you to understand what she/he prefers in way of process for obtaining orders and scheduling appointments or referring to other health providers (urgent care/ER, etc).

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    Quote from IamRN4Life
    Can some of the experienced nurses help and give me some clinical scenario

    You have to be more specific...

    Without some guidance, you will receive scenarios that will convince you that you DO NOT want to be a nurse! You will receive many that are complicated beyond your skill set, and you will receive some in jest.

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    Today is a "Times Like These" sort of day!
    (Foo Fighters...acoustic or rock, either version is good)

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    I believe they also defined a fertilized egg as "life" in the language, meaning that anything that prevents implantation falls into the category that could trigger the ultrasound requirement and may even meet their definition of abortion.

    Abortion may not be mentioned as an option during rape counseling or the clinic loses any state funding it receives.

    Health Professionals are required to verbally provide scripted information to patients considering abortion that many do not agree with.

    I wonder how many of the state's women, and the men who love them, would have approved of this law had anyone been given opportunity to discuss it. It is a done deal now.


    BIG GOVERNMENT LANGUAGE IS now LAW...passed by a few white men for the betterment of society.

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    Quote from nursel56
    thatched roof

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    They tried to switch my chemo when the companies intentionally stopped production of generic 5-FU in order to increase use of the new, expensive, oral chemo that has more severe and frequent side effects. It is all about profit.

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    GHGoonette has just completed her development of the GMO Dandylion Headphones. She worked with Monsanto to design the disposable head gear that must be repurchased, replanted, and regrown each season.

    This product is entirely safe for human use with the added benefit of users growing leaves around their ears which is good protection from the hot summer sun per Monsanto spokesperson, Ima Greedy-Nutbag.

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    Some people worry way too much about what other people are doing and are angered by the actions or inactions of others too often. No wonder this country is filled with what our neighboring countries refer to as "angry Americans".

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    (Reuters) - Ohio's governor signed a two-year, $62 billion state budget on Sunday that seeks to spur economic growth with a reduction in personal income taxes and includes a provision that critics say will tighten restrictions on abortions in the state.

    This was passed without the normal debate or discussion.
    How it got there is not the biggest scandal...that the governor signed it without vetoing that language IS!

    I feel bad for my family and friends living in that state. Which Republican state is next? Michigan, Wisconsin?

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    IMHO the poster is different from many of us in her dismissal of appropriate boundaries within a profession and within a marriage...she thumbs her nose at them and pursues her pleasure regardless of the potential negative consequences for herself, the doctor, his wife, his children, his career, etc.

    Yes, very different from most of us...again, IMHO which is what she wanted.

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    Quote from Franemtnurse


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    I would have contacted the department supervisor when the thing was not cleaned and removed within the hour.
    If that did not work I would have dumped it on the floor and called to speak with the CNO.
    I am NOT NICE when I or my family is in the hospital...I am cordial, pleasant, quiet...unless you are NOT doing your job.

    I certainly hope that the OP is not an employee of that department, because then the OP is just as guilty of poor work habits as the rest of them. How shameful that this would happen on a NURSING UNIT...this is a direct representation of NURSES...shameful.

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    Quote from Mommy&RN
    I've often wondered why they choose nursing as a career if they against what is potentially a part of this occupation.
    there is a thread about having a doctor as a friend that sort of explains why some of them seek out nursing apparently...geesh

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** YOU recieve fantastic benifits from living in a healthy society. YOU should help pay for the benifits your and your family recieve.
    Thank you for that response...I am getting weary of the "only out for myself" mentality that is creeping into the center or our civil dialog.