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    If you were supposed to work that shift and sent home for low census, then yes. No, they don't have to pay you for the "oncall".

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    Soon it will be legal for all of us to have the "flexibility" to work for our employers without the burden of OT, if some conservative legislators get their way...just sayin.

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    Quote from Kabin
    I currently have a new CVS pt with a G tube.
    New patient or new stroke?
    How long has the GT been in?
    Has the family discussed the goals of care relative to that tube and the artificial nutrition?

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    Quote from Franemtnurse

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    Wednesday is anything Adele...

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    Quote from tntrn
    Not all that different than how we wound up with Obamacare....And the wheels are coming off that bus.....poor legislation has a way of destroying itself......
    VERY different process, very different indeed.
    Opposition was given plenty of time to read and discuss the ACA prior to the votes as one would expect in a representative democracy.
    That is NOT what happened in Ohio.

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    After 30+ years I STILL like nursing, I don't always like my current job or employer.
    I have compassion, empathy, and am sometimes saddened by the circumstances of my patient(s).
    I go back again and again because this is my profession/career, I like what I do, and I make a reasonable living doing it.

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    Even the POTUS has been fired a time or two...

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    AKY has it right on...I am not interested in rehashing abortion...I am APPALLED at lack of democratic process in the passing of such law. The fact that the laws are extreme and deal with a hot plate issue related to women ONLY makes it exponentially worse.

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    Prime Time Premier showing of the new cult classic "Gone with the Wind", a documentary focused on the advancing collection methods for methane, presented by the Food Network 9 pm MST. New technology is examined while a panel of culinary experts discuss resourceful ways to increase methane production through simple dietary adjustments. Sponsored by Beano, for those times when "supply exceeds demand".

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    My dog, Remus (his brother Romulus was not very nice) is very laid me.
    He can lay on the sofa all day listening to the sun, or the rain, or the snow, or the dark...lazy, relaxed.
    He loves my DH.
    He occasionally has gas.
    He detests mosquitoes.
    He loves bike rides and hikes.
    He likes to go swimming and loves the snow.
    He will bite you if you make him angry.

    Remus is very much like me except he can scratch his nose with his foot and he licks his butt.

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    I also am wondering about the chloroform...really?...what was that for, sleep?
    As if the alcohol and morphine weren't enough.
    Our grandparents knew how to treat a cold, eh?

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    Quote from tntrn
    I doubt anyone is afraid to talk about the topic....more like what's the use? Anyone who might agree with the Governor and Legislature risks getting soundly scolded. Why put oneself in that position?
    Some do think "whats the use"...after all, this VERY controversial topic just got legislated...under the radar of the Ohio citizens. THOSE voters/women have the right to wonder WTH? They are the ones getting soundly scolded by the legislation of the white christian males who know what is best for them.

    If you support the notion of that Governor, perhaps you could share some missed logic in his action/inaction. While I might not agree, I would appreciate SOME insight into what they might be thinking.

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    I am not in Anchorage but,
    fed reimbursement for mileage
    union job
    4-6 shifts of oncall/mo