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    sorry it took so long..

    thanks for the replys........ asayed88 i will be taking all my classes at the west campus this year its closer to where i live......thats great your taking the bio156 this summer maybe you can give me some more good advice when you get done with it.....ill be takin it this fall....when will you be taking bio201?ttyl....

    denaa thanks for the reply......ive already ordered my laptop im sure it will be are tottaly right about the laptops in class...thats a big no no for me i will be very distracted with my laptop right in my are you still attending pima??? and what campuses have you taken classes at?hope to talk to you soon....

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    I will be starting community college soon i am taking Bio 156,WRT101,MAT086 (i did really bad on the math assesment test) and psy101..... I was wondering if i would need a latop for those classes, even if i dont can't take it to class will i be typing alot of papers for these classes? home....i was also wondering if theres anyone else that will be attending pima community college this year with any of the same classes????if you are be sure to send me a message...