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    Probably because I bought it and it's on its way to my house! Search for completed listings if you're interested in looking at it.

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    Has anyone used this to prepare for the TEAS? I won one on ebay (they don't seem to be available on Amazon right now or anywhere else) and I'm wondering how useful or not anyone found it to be. It apparently is set up just like the TEAS test and has a bank of 3,000 different questions.

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    My school requires 2.5 minimum to apply, but next year are also moving to a points based system where they assign points to grades received in each prerequisite, your GPA, and score on the TEAS. I have a 3.04 right now (a few lazy semesters when I was younger) so will be working my butt off in my last 4 classes to get that up! They will only be accepting 16 students each Fall. Gulp.

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    I was swollen like a balloon with preeclampsia. My feet, ankles, legs, even my fingers (face, gums, you name it!) were swollen and ached. It felt like my skin was going to burst.

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    Toughest for me so far was Chemistry. Still managed to get an A but it took a lot of hard work and many hours of studying. I had a very nit-picky teacher who was not consistent on little things like how many significant figures he felt like accepting on any given test, etc. so it took a while to figure out what he wanted from us. It was generally an interesting class and I enjoyed it but man, did he make me work for that A!

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    Guess I'm a pre-nursing student too! I have one year of prerequisites part time left before I can enter the nursing program. I'm close to completing an Associates degree in General studies but decided to go for nursing instead. So far I've done Comp, Algebra, Chemistry, Nutrition & Diet Therapy. I start my CNA class Monday (3 weeks long, it's required for the ADN program) then I'll take Psychology, A&P 1 and 2 and Human Growth & Development over the next school year. Hoping to start my ADN program Fall 2012. Can't wait!

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    Anyone else? I'm doing a 3 week class starting August 1st. Had to get instructor approval from my other teachers since it will overlap with the first 3 days of class, but glad to be getting it out of the way so I can focus on my last 4 prereqs for the RN program.

    Long time lurker coming out of hiding here!