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    And yes, do check prereqs for Microbiology to be sure. I just remembered my school does require a life science before Micro can be taken. In addition to Gen. Biology I've also taken Nutrition and Diet Therapy (a 3 cr. class) plus Chemistry so my opinion on whether you should take one before the other (or not) may be skewed!

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    I don't think taking one before the other would make much difference. I'm taking A&P 1 and Microbiology together right now and think I would have done absolutely fine in either without the other, if that makes sense. I have taken General Biology previously though, so that may make a difference.

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    Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check that out if I decide I need more to work with.

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    I appreciate the replies! Thank you. I think I'll wait until this semester ends in a few weeks and really get cracking with the study guide I already have and see how I feel with that. It'll give me a better idea of what I need to focus on and decide whether I should get the ATI guides or not. Right now I'm so busy with A&P and Microbiology (not to mention Psych) that I haven't had a lot of time to look at the book I do have.

    I'm glad to hear that others have passed without the guides with no problem. I'm just so nervous since they will only be accepting 16 students next Fall! I know I have a decent GPA but I also know I'm not the only one.

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    For anyone who has used the ATI guide for the TEAS, is it worth the money? I am considering asking for it for Christmas (the one that includes the two practice tests) but wanted to see if anyone who has actually used it thinks it's worth it.

    I have the McGraw Hill study guide and it seems decent but I'd like to be as prepared as possible for the test, which I'll be taking in the next couple of months along with the ATI critical thinking test.

    I have a decent pre-req GPA (expect it to be around 3.7 when I finish) and I want to get a great score to really increase my chances of getting in. From next year my program will only accept 16 students!

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Passed my Nebraska state exam yesterday!

    My skills were:

    1. Beginning and Ending 5
    2. Hand washing
    3. Blood Pressure
    4. Routine Oral Hygiene
    5. Catheter Care
    6. Moving Up in Bed (One Assist)
    7. Changing an Incontinent Brief (and she had squirted Hershey "poo" all over the bed and gown so I had to change those too while I was at it...)

    But I passed! One more thing checked off for nursing school.

    (ETA: Whoa, looks like NE makes us do way more skills than some of you! I'm jealous. Everyone in the class had to do the first 2 on my list and then we all got 5 more random ones to do.)

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    Quote from northernguy
    I wouldnt take a CNA class that doesnt include a lot of clinical time.
    I was extremely disappointed to find out the class I'm in no longer does clinicals. Their reasoning is that each facility will have orientation anyway. Lame! I think clinicals in the CNA class would give people a much better idea if it's something they even want to do. That and caring for a real living, breathing person is sooo much different than rolling a mannequin around. Sheesh.

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    Other than starting to learn infection control and good body mechanics, it's mostly common sense.

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    The CNA class is cake. Don't worry.

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    Requested to join (Andrea Banks)

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    I'm taking Micro this coming semester along with A&P 1 and Intro to Psych. Kind of nervous but have been assured by classmates that have already done it that the Micro is not much homework...we'll see.

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    I'll be applying for Fall 2012 for my CC's ADN program. Have 4 prereqs left that I'll be taking over the next school year (A&P 1 and 2, Psych and Human Development) and will need to take the TEAS. If I get waitlisted (I hope not I hope not I hope not) I plan on working as a CNA in between to get some good experience, since I'm halfway through my CNA class.

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    Same here. "Baby Friendly" is a UNICEF/WHO initiative to increase breastfeeding success. It involves putting mother and baby together as soon as possible after birth, "rooming in", and strict regulations on the use of artificial milks. Now what did you want to know?

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    I'm in CNA training right now (required for entry to RN program). What we are taught: Do NOT move the patient, call for help, and stay with them until help arrives. The nurse will do any assessment. CNA may then take VS and record/report as often as the nurse or physician orders. It's not part of the CNA protocol to take VS immediately after a fall.