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    Got the good popup!!!!!!!!! 75 Questions, and many many SATA!!!! OMG!!!! My hands are shaking!

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    We got this!!!!!

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    This has ALWAYS been a rule of thumb for me for any of my exams...throughout nursing and beyond! No questions the day before the exam and get lots of rest the night before. A well rested mind does well!

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    Quote from luckymeson
    I started Kaplan on Dec 25... I just feel like i should be doing more. Not sure why really. Guess its just nerves. Good luck to you and let me know how it goes... Im going to try the PVT, I had a dream last night that I got the "good pop up" So praying that it goes that way
    Thank you! Good luck to you too! I am definitely doing PVT! Praying for "good pop up" coming our way!!!!!

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    I am taking the NCLEX this Friday as well. Nervous and excited all at the same time. Been doing Kaplan for the past 3 weeks. The day before....I am not doing anything NCLEX related. I am going to get a good nights rest and pray for the best.

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    I want to wish you much luck tomorrow! I am still waiting for my ATT. I have a job lined up pending me passing the boards. I hope my ATT comes soon! Patiently waiting......LOL

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    Hey NurseLoveJoy! ;-)

    the number before the decimal is the ones place. After the decimal is tens, hundredths, and then thousandths place

    Good luck on Monday! :spin:

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    I have an interview with the Nurse Recruiter this coming Thursday. How was your interview? Any tips? I am pretty excited about getting a call back!

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    I would go with hyperkalemia due to potential lysis of the RBC's sitting in the bag. Lysed RBC's release potassium......

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    Quote from LindsayPaige
    How did you register for the test?
    I registered with the Nursing dept. at school. They took care of everything......

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    No problem... :wink2:

    The test was multiple choice with a few fill in questions and was computer based

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    I took the exam on a saturday in March and got my results on Monday. You can check your score on their website. When you take the exam you provide them your email address and they will email you when your score is ready along with the website to check your scores.