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    I am a Student Ambassador for Barnes-Jewish College. I love my school. I disagree with all the negative comments about it because I have had a wonderful experience thus far. I am in the Upper Division day program and I am in my second semester. I don't know much about UMSL's program because I knew from the beginning that I wanted to attend Barnes. The teachers are all excellent, top notch. Each one has a different teaching style which can sometimes be hard to get used to. I really enjoy the simulation labs. In our simulation labs we have "patients" that we care for daily and they are able to respond to us by speaking or coughing etc. I am very involved with various activites throughout the school so if you like to be involved in school activities Barnes is definitely the best option. Being so centrally located in St. Louis, we are in a quad with STLCOP (St. Louis College of Pharmacy), Washington University and the College for Allied Health. We are one of the only nursing schools left that is affiliated with a hospital. It is a lot easier to take a short walk to Barnes-Jewish Hospital than to drive over from UMSL. We are right in the middle of cutting edge research coming from Washington University and the hospital which is really exciting! Forest Park is a few blocks away as well as many restaurants, shops and attractions. The Metro parking garage is free for us and is one block from school. The course load is not too bad at all. I am able to work, and have a life outside school! We always have a good time with each other and are allowed to joke around and laugh, but we know when to be serious as well. Nursing is a difficult profession but it can be fun and rewarding as well! Please definitely consider Barnes!! :-)