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    Please just hang in there. mine shut off at 85 , which was three days ago. i passed. I will keep you in my prayers... :wink2::wink2: It will be ok, i totally understadn how your feeling.

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    Seriously.. thank you all for helping me cope! So glad that everything is OVER! (Still in shock! =P) But I'm hoping that the NCLEX-RN is just as good for me, but you never know! I'm officially a NURSE!!

    And yeah, pnwccrn, I agree totally. When I was taking my test, I actually just asked myself what *I* would do and what *I* felt comfortable doing in those situations. I mean, I KNOW I'm a good nurse. (I'm not gloating or anything!!) It's just that.. I know I'm not going to kill anyone from my carelessness or lack of compassion. But thanks ALL!!

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    Thanks you guys, seriously! This forum really did calm me down a LOT! I'm just so glad to have the NCLEX-PN out of the way, and now onto the NCLEX-RN!! =]

    I'm so excited to keep going up. Whoo! Good luck to ALL future nurses and present nurses at that.

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    You guys... I have EXCELLENT news....



    Thank you SOOOOO much for the prayers, guys! Luck was in my favor! I'm FINALLY an LPN!

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    Thanks so much! I feel better already! And believe me, I will keep you posted! I hope that I passed and... THANK YOU FOR CALMING MY NERVES!!! Hehe! =]

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    I just did the "trick" and... it said that, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam..." or something to that extent. And it said that just as I got to the "Payment" tab. I'm still unsure and obviously won't be satisfied until I see my reseluts in, oh, about 8 hours! Haha.

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    Congratulations, excitedlpn! That's awesome!! I'm sooo HAPPY FOR YOU!

    And I've heard about the Pearsonvue trick, but what do I have to do, exactly?

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    Hey guys,

    I've been looking over this web forum before and AFTER I took my NCLEX-PN test. Yesterday, March 19, 2009, I took it.. FINALLY! I was a graduate of a nursing class in December 2008. Anyway, I was expecting my machine to cut off with around 120-150 questions, like all of my friends' had.. and they passed.. Some of the smartest people in my class cut off at 85, and they all PASSED! So I walked in, tried being calm. When I finally got to question 85 and hit the 'next' button, the screen went blank and I wanted to SCREAM and CRY! To be honest, I really don't remember anything from it. I didn't have any med calculations or 'drag and drop' questions. I did have about 4 or 5 'select all that apply' questions and the rest of my test was prioritization and teaching questions with a few infection control questions(besides a few basic nursing ones). And to top it all off, I think I got question 85 WRONG! It only took me around 40 minutes to complete my exam, which left me baffled! I'm so NERVOUS. I live in Arkansas, so I find out my results in a little less than 12 hours. I just know I failed. Even an RN that I work with said that 85 isn't good.

    I just DO NOT know what I'll do WHEN/IF I fail. I'm just so sure I did. You know those 'deep down' feelings you have about something? Well, I have that feeling. My old nursing instructors were congratulating me for my machine shutting off at 85, but they just don't understand.

    I'm just sick to my stomach and very worried! Please pray for me. I need all of them! And I'm SO GLAD that this forum is here for me to vent my problems to everyone!

    Wish me luck!