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    1. something all new doctors and nurses learn fairly quickly.. it's a universal law in hospitals... never ever EVER say "slow" in a hospital.. or "quiet"... or "calm".

    2. do not ever say "I don't know what day shift was talking about, he hasn't had a bowel movement all night" because within an hour you will be engulfed by poo...

    3. it is ok to cry after your patient dies.

    4. a wall suction canister works great to drain your Foley bag, especially if you need to walk any distance to dump it and don't walk to wear urine on the front of your scrubs.

    5. there is no "I" in nursing unless you are trying to win a spelling bee.

    6. the opposing shift is not your enemy (see #5).

    7. it is ok to say "I don't know" and usually if you are willing to ask you can find someone who does. always always always put patient safety before your ego.

    8. charting is very very very important.

    9. 'real world' nursing is SO not like Grey's Anatomy or ER. believe it or not, we do NOT have sex in the breakroom, in fact we are too tired from working hard to do anything but eat, pee, and sleep in the breakroom.

    10. we as medical professionals often get so used to being elbow deep in other people's body fluids that we forget that our friends and families might not want to discuss stomach contents, rectal tubes, sputum samples, or spurting arteries over dinner.

    11. always always assume your sedated patient can hear you. also always assume your brain damaged patient can hear you. ALWAYS treat ALL of your patient with respect.

    12. do not ever let a patient die alone.

    13. Vicks Vapor Rub under your nose works great to help with not-so-yummy odors. So does putting a tea bag in your mask before you put it on.

    14. it is entirely normal to hear ventilator, tele, bed, and IV pump alarms in your sleep during your entire first year as a nurse.

    15. use good lotion to keep your hands from getting too dry from all of the alcohol antiseptics we have around.

    16. a good stethoscope and comfortable shoes and scrubs are worth their weight in gold.

    17. ask for help (see #5).

    18. if you are caught up ask your coworkers if they need help (see #5).

    19. when you have an opportunity to learn something new, take it. (see #5)

    20. when you have an opportunity to teach something to new, take it. (see #5)

    21. if you clean your stethoscope with a bleach wipe after using it on a patient with c.diff make SURE you let it dry before you put it around your neck again... and after you've accidentally bleached your scrubs once or twice you'll never forget again.

    22. nursing is an art, science, way of life, and a privilege. HAPPY NURSES WEEK!

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    you asked how we keep a normal routine.. I don't. LOL the good news is, I've found ways to make it work for me until I can go to day shift.. the bad news is that my life is anything but 'normal' LOL

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    Quote from core0
    136 units of product in a 12 hour shift. portal vein came unhooked. patient walked out of the hospital.
    niiiiiice! *high five*

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    40 units PRBCs and 12 liters IVF.. patient went home to her young children but it was a mess to chart. LOL

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    thanks for the reply! I did see that website when I was googling.. but it doesn't specifically say whether it might blanch.. I would think the answer is no but I need to be sure... long story.. LOL

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    Just a quick question because I cannot find any info on this anywhere.. is it possible that a deep tissue injury (DTI) could be blanchable? HELP!
    Thanks in advance =)

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    well I realized it's been quite awhile since I had come back to this thread and thought I'd update...
    I have been off orientation about 6 months now and love my job! The first couple weeks on my own I was so nervous to go to work and I would get report and then just stand there for a minute.. it was so weird to me that no one was looking over my shoulder.. no instructor, no preceptor.. it was nerve wracking and SO liberating! LOL

    I work with a fantastic team and I have quite a few experienced RNs who I consider mentors and feel comfortable going to with a question. We also have NPs at night who are strictly intensivists.. and they are outstanding! We do rounds with them at night and if time is available they always use it to teach us. So I am cruising into the end of my first year as an RN and MOST of the time I feel competent to do my job and I am ALWAYS learning! If I don't know something I look it up!

    I've had a few nights that at the time I thought were "horrible".. cried on the way home. I was assured that this is also normal.. we deal with alot of stress in ICU... patients dying, patients crashing... also we do not have CNAs or techs on the unit so we "do it all"... and some nights it is simply exhausting beyond exhaustion. I am pretty sure that I am currently holding the title for Code Brown Queen after last week. LOL

    I wouldn't trade this last year for anything in the world.. and most days I still can't believe I am doing this..

    I am wondering how the rest of you who have recently started your jobs are doing... any updates?

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    1. what is your degree in? as-biology, as-vocational nursing, adn-registered nursing

    2. what state do you live in? southern ca

    3. what is your job title? staff rn in icu

    4. how much do you make an hour? $33

    5. how much do you make a year? approx. $65,000 without ot

    6. what do you like about your job? the possibility of helping my patients, the teamwork, always learning something new, getting to watch a patient improve, i love my coworkers, the challenge of working critical care, the occasional adrenaline rush

    7. what don't you like about your job? i work nights until a day shift position opens up and i am always tired and always feel like crap lol i just got a cold only 2 weeks after getting over pneumonia from the flu... i think night shift might actually kill me

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    I come home and either walk on the treadmill or if I'm just too tired then I hang out with my kitties and watch tv... my favorite show is True Blood... sounds nuts but watching vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and humans creating chaos, madness, and blood everywhere is totally relaxing to me. LOL

    when it's been a REALLY rough day/week I spend time meditating... get to the beach or mountains if I can... I hang out with friends alot too, we tend to laugh til we cry everytime we get together and I've found laughter to be truly healing! (especially after a day filled with code blues and palliative weans)

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    I am SO glad to hear I am not the only one who's made an error based on a decimal point... I am finishing my orientation in an ICU.. new grad... MD wrote for Enalapril 6.25mg IVP... I gave it and somehow it didn't enter my brain that the decimal was in the wrong place!!! it should have been 0.625mg! The NOC RN gave it also... pharmacy didn't catch it until they couldn't figure out why we ran out of vials of Enalapril... FINALLY the mistake was caught! I am SO grateful the patient is absolutely fine... but the minute I was made aware of what happened I wanted to run out of the unit, throw up, and turn in my RN license and go back to school to do something less "life and death".. LOL. My charge RN said she watched the blood drain from my face and asked me to sit down... she kept reassuring me that EVERYONE makes a mistake at some point.. she told me if I ever met an RN who claimed they hadn't made a mistake that they were full of $hit... hahaha. She also told me our patients often survive in spite of all we do to them... and she told me I AM a good nurse and that I am human and that she was willing to bet I wouldn't make that error again! I learned another VERY valuable lesson... if you have to pull more than one vial out of the Pyxis then that is a huge sign that something could be wrong with the order... I had to use 3 vials to draw up that much Enalapril... sometimes where I work we DO need to draw up alot of medication for certain things but at the time something in my gut was telling me this wasn't right... I also learned to LISTEN to that gut of mine... Doctors are NOT PERFECT. I think as new grads especially we tend to look at physicians like they know everything because they know so much more than we do. LOL well physicians make mistakes too...

    Anyway, I still feel like I want to projectile vomit this morning but I keep reminding myself that I am a new grad working in a high stress environment and that I am human and NOT perfect and the patient is totally fine (THANK GOD) and that I need to turn this into a learning experience... just because we check our meds against our MAR against the patient, etc 5 times does not mean a med error can't happen... take my experience... if you don't KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that it's the right dose then double check! You can BET I will be!!!!

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    congrats on your new job!!! well as far as an update... I am finishing up my orientation and will start working nights on August 1st! I am told that I will have a preceptor on nights for the first 2 weeks just to allow me time to adjust to a slightly different schedule... then I am on my own. To be honest I am really looking forward to it! I have had 2 wonderful preceptors and work with an awesome crew, this has definitely helped me to learn. Yesterday I left feeling really good about my day... but had a day last week where I felt totally overwhelmed even though I still got the job done and kept patient safety #1 and I am assured this is normal LOL

    I feel like I have learned more so far in 4 months as a new RN in ICU then I learned in all of nursing school hahahha seriously the first 2 to 3 months I thought my brain was going to explode... and it's just different than in nursing school... hard to explain but you'll see! I'm sure you will do great!!!!!! Make sure you ask ask ask questions and know that if you have a couple days where you feel like a complete moron that it's completely normal!

    I am up getting ready for work right now as a matter of fact...

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    I went to the beach for a weekend with some friends... I also filled up my gas tank, bought groceries, and made a payment on my new car! like alot of you I had been BEYOND broke living off crackers n Top Ramen to get through school and my duct taped/ no air conditioning/ bald tires/ paint peeling off car had died shortly before I started my first RN job... was SO nice to be able to make the payment on a new car! LOL

    p.s. I also felt like there must be some mistake... I STILL can't believe I get to be an RN... oh and I remember thinking we get paid ALOT (esp when you are used to living off $800/mo) but I now know we EARN that $$... at least I do!!! I work my patootie off for it! =)

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    I also graduated in December 2009 and was licensed in January 2010, applied for 100s of RN positions all over southern CA and after 4 months landed a new grad RN job in my local ICU... I LOVE my job!! It definitely helps to know someone who works at the facility you are applying to, that's how I got my interview. If you are a new grad looking for work I highly recommend using every "connection" you have in every facility and be open to working in whatever type of nursing you can find a job in.. just start getting experience. It turned out I knew at least 4 or 5 RNs at each of the local hospitals and I made phone calls to them asking for advice and if they would let me know if anything was opening up... and that's exactly how I found my job! I am definitely blessed!

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    I think I would be either a social worker or a taste tester for fine restaurants LOL

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    well I am a woman but all the guys I work with wear Crocs and so do I... they make Crocs now that do not have "holes" in the top of them and they are the ONLY shoes I've ever worn that don't make my feet hurt at work...