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    evolving is your sister a nurse or a teacher??

    I know that nobody can tell me but I just wanna know how people came to the conclusion that nursing or whatever they do for a career is what they wanted to do?

    Also with the holidays I know its a must if I'm a nurse. Unless I land a job at a doctors office... but I heard that they mainly hire LPN's because they are cheapter to pay... no offense to the LPN's (my sister in law is one). My mom also told me if its part of your job oh well its gotta be done... she was in the military... so I'm prepared for that..

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    Everyone seems to be telling me to "follow my heart" but to tell you the truth I have no idea what my heart wants. All I know is that I want to work with children, have time for my children && family, and help children... So if anyone has any tips on helping me try to figure where my heart is please tell me =D

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    Thank you guys for giving me your actual input coming from actual nurses. When I first thought of nursing I wanted to do pediatric oncology because I seen the St. Judes commercial and I felt like it called out to me.. ever since that I cannot get it out of my head to be a nurse for kids just seeing them smile while something is going on in their lives would make my world.

    With my 30 hour teaching thing here in Oklahoma I just pretty much shadowed her. I did nothing for 30 hours but walk around the class to see if any of the kids needed help and she sat me down A LOT to just grade papers for her... really I was bored out of my mind...

    I'm the type of person who needs to constantly be busy all the time doing something. I can't do a desk job at all it would drive me nuts!

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    I am in need of some help. I am stuck between career choices which are Education and Nursing. I cannot seem to figure this out... Right now my major is education, and I am taking a summer class. If I do choose nursing I don't want to just waste money with this class that I am currently taking... Can someone please help me figure out if nursing could be for me? I know that I will be in pediatrics if I do do nursing. I love children. I am good at science (actually I love science). Thats why I choose education because of the children.. but when I did field experience (which is I go to a school for 30 hours) I was bored... not gonna lie... Everyone I talk to except my fiance says nursing is a far better career choice for me and esp. with this economy. Can someone please give me your input!? The more I have the better I can choose these two careers...

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    I am wanting to be a nurse, and am wondering if nursing school is really hard to get into? I am applying for UCO nursing school either Fall 2010 or Spring 2011? And if you have any help for getting in that would be great! thank you oh and have a happy and safe halloween

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    Okay on June 4th I start the CNA class at CNA, and I paid for it, well I was wondering if I can get my money back? Because me and dumb self is thinking about changing my major =( I either want to be a nurse or a teacher. I just have no idea right now, and if do this CNA class and I decide to teach thats a waste of almost $500 bucks.. Can someone tell me if I can or not? I want someone to get the chance to take the class who knows for a fact that they want this.

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    I am currently enrolled in the OSU-OKC CNA course for June 4-July 7 I was going to take the day classes but school got in the way, and they just put me in this one. I can tell you how it goes; I'm kinda dreading it sense I just got out of school school, and now have to go back. I'm also starting at Buffalo Wild Wings, and want to make money this summer ughh! lol but good luck to you. I have heard about Moore/Norman Tech Center. I would check them out.

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    I believe that i have found my calling. i am wanting to do oncology but pediatric oncology more... if pediatric oncology i cannot get a job i will perfectly satisfied with oncology. it seems ever sense my grandmother (whom i loved so much) passed from cancer all through her body i have been wanting to do this but been hiding it cause i am such an emotional person and noone thinks that i can do this but i know i can! can someone please tell me what i should do? i am in the prenursing program and will transfer to a 4 year university very soon. i am wondering where can i work? i know i want to work at a hospital for at least a year to gain experience. but where else could i work? what else should i do to help ensure me i can get into the program because i want to do this. also are there any side effects to oncology? cause i am wanting to have children one day and do not want to become infertal or anything.... please help me.

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    Okay so after doing some soul searching and some research I believe that i have finally found what I want to do with my life. Which is nursing. I know that I have posted a thread not to long ago but sense then I have been thinking. Can anyone please give me some advice on what I should do? I want to either be in oncology or surgery. If anyone are in these fields please give me some heads up. Like pros, cons, salary, where you work (hospitals clinics office?) So if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am having trouble deciding on becoming a nurse (oncology or surgeon) and a dental hygienist. I am taking pre reqs for both and am starting to run out of them so I really need to figure this out. :uhoh21: Here is a little about myself:

    1. I love helping people.
    2. I do not like anything repetitive.
    3. VERY family orientanted.
    4. Would like to make more than $50,000 a year.
    5. What to change the world.
    6. Would like to have a big family.
    7. My parents both have back problems (hunched over all day?)
    8. School does not matter.
    9. Would like to have fun but also serious at my job.
    10. I love kids. (will be oncology for kids//dental for kids)

    I seen this website and thought why not ask nurses? If you have any idea on helping me please do! My family and boyfriend of 3 years are not a big help at all. But I love them anyway :heartbeat.

    Please give me input what do you think dental or nurse? and if you are in oncology or surgeon please give me pros and cons!