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    Quote from dynamo1
    Anyone having second thoughts about attending? I was reading other threads from students in the program about how disorganized the school can be and no show instructors at clinicals? ahh...As you all know tuition, is very expensive. I would expect better quality instruction and staff. Anyone having second thoughts?

    Absolutely! I am having second thoughts every other day now. I didn't want to put out negativities but I thought it's better to put it out on the table now than regret it.
    Every school has negatives, but if you are paying $2000/yr for CC or even $10000/yr for CSU, you would work it out somehow. We are talking $50000/yr here! You wouldn't pay extra $48000 and be content with the same service anywhere else. I have felt that some CCs are more organized and they do handle the same or possibly more number of applications. You'd think they can afford more people to sort out the administration without sending unnecessary letters to remind us of FAFSA "AFTER" its due date.
    The post of a current student about clinical instructor not showing up is quite disturbing. They do seem to be only interested in collecting money and not following through.

    Plus the job market...
    SMU alone is producing 350ABSN, 100(?)reg.BSN, 100-150MSN graduates per year. Each CC in the Bay Area(and there are many) graduates 100-120ASN per year, plus CSUs, UCs, USF... Is that enough nurses or what?

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    Quote from MBA2RN
    And my application count is hereby ended at approximately 115. I've been offered a seat in a hospital new grad class. But it's been two and a half months of hardwork getting this offer.

    And no director took care of this baby.:chuckle

    You got offered a new grad position? Congratulations!!
    Two and a half months is not bad at all from what I have been hearing lately.
    Is the position in Bay Area or you had to relocate?

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    MBA2RN, I am really sorry to hear this.
    Are many of your classmates experiencing the same?

    Quote from nursetobein2010
    I have heard (from a couple students at SMU) that SMU ABSN students are often offered jobs on the spot during their preceptorships at the end of the program.
    I've heard this over and over. Does this still hold any truth?
    At the info session, the director at Oakland campus was saying that she will "take care of her babies(Oakland campus students)" finding a job. I don't know how much her "taking care" helps but I wish the same was done for other campuses as well.
    Appreciate your input and I hope you find a better luck soon. Hang in there!

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    Quote from nursetobein2010
    I have heard (from a couple students at SMU) that SMU ABSN students are often offered jobs on the spot during their preceptorships at the end of the program. ......She also said she doesn't think it will be terribly difficult for ABSN students from SMU to find a job - you're getting a Bachelor's degree from a very good university.
    I wonder how true this is for more recent graduates? I understand this was the situation up until a couple of years ago. Any recent graduate?

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    Thanks everyone and congrats back to you!

    Mochi57, I'm still waiting to hear from a couple of other schools but what's the chance? So most likely yes, I will go to SMU. We have about 3 weeks to decide, right?

    late_bloomer, I didn't see you either. I was on the left side of the room. I'm sure yours is on its way...let us know!

    Izzy16, my last 90 qtr GPA was like 3.4~3.5. My previous degree GPA was pretty bad. My prereq GPA is 3.8~3.9. NET 93. I think good essay and ref. letters would also help.

    NursesRock08, Yeah, classmate. I wonder if all 48 of us will go into clinicals all together or are we going to be divided into small groups? 'cause 48 seems like a big group to be moving around together....

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    Got an acceptance letter to San Mateo today.

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    Hi everyone,

    I also received the acceptance letter to San Mateo today.
    Honestly I'd much rather got picked at De Anza lottery this morning...but 16/270 is way too slim.

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    Quote from late_bloomer
    Conditioning your body to work for night shift one day?

    Yep! I am perfectly prepared for the graveyard.
    No, I'm just such a night owl...I feel so much awake at night, weird huh?

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    Quote from late_bloomer
    How about taking a CNA course at an adult school ($500), volunteering at a hospital, or studying for NCLEX? I bought the Saunders book (my X'mas present ) and plan to go over it as soon as I get my patho final done (today).

    Wow! You are already studying for NCLEX? That's actually a good idea.:urck:
    But doesn't it require what you would learn in NS?

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    You're right, SMC is doing really well in this economy:chuckle
    It would be nice to be in a cohort with someone you know but it would be also nice to start in Jan. because I don't know what to do for the next six months.

    Thanks for the info. That's encouraging. Not holding my breath, but still nice to dream...

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    [quote=StarBelly;3304824]Yukitiki, How do you know you are on the bottom of the list? Since we don't find out anything until end of February?

    I'm also wondering what you mean by "last summer, everyone on the list got in and still 4 more seats left for San Mateo campus. Not this time around..." Do you mean they are not letting anyone else into San Mateo this year? How do they know that everyone will accept their offer? One more question: what campus are you accepted into for summer? How do you know? Did you apply for spring and they automatically rolled you over to summer?[quote=StarBelly;3304824]

    I'm waitlisted for Spring - January start.
    Last summer, it seems they had very few applicants for SM campus, therefore everyone applied (qualified) got in and there were 4 more seats left. That's not the case for Spring 09.

    I don't know for sure that I'm accepted for Summer but I am in their alternate list, so I can request it to be rolled over. It is not automatic. Unless 48 applicants are better qualified than me, I'm thinking I'll get in but I could be wrong.

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    Quote from late_bloomer
    I thought you applied for Summer 09. Are you done with all your pre-req's? I still have 2 easy ones for the winter quarter. I wish I had taken them earlier so that I could start nursing school Spring 09. Too late now. Thanks for your good info. Happy Holidays!

    Yes, I will be done with all pre-req's this week! I didn't apply until late (beg. Oct) because I thought pre-req completion was required before you apply. But I found out that it is not the case and that they were still accepting application for Spring around Sept.(Supposedly the deadline is 7/1) Then, I had to register for the earliest NET and wait for the result. I should have just turned in the rest of application then...maybe it made a difference, maybe not.

    I really hope I can start in January but don't think that'll happen.

    Happy Holidays to you, too!

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    Hi everyone, I just went to the info meeting at Oakland campus today. I know I should've gone to one a long time ago but missed the ones earlier this year.

    So, anyhow, not much info that I didn't know before. Just found out that I am waitlisted for Spring but not much hope there since I'm at the bottom of the list. Lizzie said that last summer, everyone on the list got in and still 4 more seats left for San Mateo campus. Not this time around...

    The good news is I'm in for the summer! ...I think.

    And they are still doing the Kaiser scholarships, just a few per cohort. Regarding the job market, they said, "there are jobs out there, you just have to be patient and not picky. Most likely med/surg at night or weekend shifts for the first job." But they also said, they know some graduates that are still looking for jobs. I don't know for how long.

    So, there aren't much news from the info meeting. But I'll share this.

    ABSN 2007 Summer Data for 3 campuses(Oak, Sac, SM)
    Applicants 250
    Accepted 175
    Deposited 119
    GPA(last 60) 3.383
    GPA(Science) 3.398
    Average NET 78.11(Reading) 91.64(Math) 85.1(Composite)

    I think we have all the reasons to be optimistic!

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    Hey ladies,

    I have sent my app packet a while ago and have not heard anything. My picks are San Mateo and then, Oakland. Don't think I'd enjoy driving to SF everyday. From what I heard, SM campus isn't too competitive unlike the CCs around here. So let's hope.

    Currently taking patho, pharm and history online. I am taking it so much easier, too, compared to the A&P, Microbio era I just need to find a job...

    Will keep you posted if I hear anything from them.

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    Thank you for all the valuable information. It really helps me get a picture of what it would be like. iluvmusak, what you said about "not learning the materials in depth...wished to have gone to CC instead" comment kind of bothers me. Do you feel like the program is not good enough for what you paid for?

    Another thing I read in another thread. Has anyone got a kaiser loan forgiveness program and actually worked for them for 2 years? I read that you sign up at the beginning of the program and towards the end, they come in and say "We are not doing that anymore b/c no more shortage." I don't know how they can do that. It sounds like a ripoff to me. Of course, you are not guaranteed a placement, so maybe not. But you could have gotten a better rate anywhere else...