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    Thank you for the is good to see the hourly rates being offered in different areas. I am also encouraged to see that you had so many job offers...hopefully in another year when I am applying for jobs there will still be many opportunities. Good luck with your new job and the move from AZ to TX!

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    I am an ADN-RN Student in Michigan and my husband and plan on relocating down south when I graduate and pass my boards next summer (2010.) We have looked at Tennessee and Texas and are leaning towards the San Antonio area. I am curious about a few things and was hoping someone would give me some advice.
    **I want to work in a hospital. Will I be limited or held back by my ADN, as opposed to a BSN? I plan to go on and eventually obtain my Masters, but for now I just want to work as an RN for awhile and pay off some debt and have babies!
    **What is the job market like for Nurses in TX? Is it very competitive?
    **What do RNs make (on Average) in San Antonio?

    Any advice would be very helpful! Thank you! is 7 degrees right now where I am....wonder why I want to move to TX?!!