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    It IS overwhelming BUT, you WILL get through this...I promise! Take it one day at a time and sometimes, one moment at a time. Take a deep breath and keep just keep moving forward.

    For me, I stayed organized by buying a planner from Staples. It was the size of a notebook (with small metal bindings), each page was 8x11 with 3 days on on side and the other days on the other side. The days were organized in columns with TIME slots (7am-8:45pm). I knew what my entire week looked like. I plugged in class times, what was due, study times, etc. Staples item#769864. If you know you have something due in two weeks, by planning, you plan a little time towards the goal, instead of waiting until the last minute. Planning my time kept me focused and gave me a realistic view of what little time there really is.

    Reading and powerpoints....I WISHED I could have read every chapter but it is unrealistic. Take a look at the objectives in your syllabus. Maintain your focus on those objectives. If you have a laptop, take it to class and type your notes onto the slides. Do whatever method makes sense to YOU. If flashcards work, use them. If taking a voice recorder to class and listening to it again works, then do it. Everyone has different methods of learning. Figure out what works best for you.

    Good luck and take care of yourself.

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    Well, for me...NO. There is always something one can learn from reading. I think this includes postings here, a textbook or an online resourse. I feel guilty too sometimes but breaks, taking care of yourself are important too. You do need some downtime too!!

    I am heading into my second year, ADN for RN . I took my boards for LPN and have been reviewing, learning since June and starting it all again in Sept. Will it make me a better nurse?....I don't know. But for me....I know it builds my confidence level.

    It's not about what others think....You need to do what YOU feel is right for you. I think there needs to be a balance in one's life...we don't want to burn out before we get started.

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    ohhhh..... <heavy sigh>....i know it's hard to "be confident" but force yourself! you've been studying very hard and when the questions are presented, relax, take a deep breath, read the question, re-read it and use your critical thinking skills.
    during your exam, i promise that it will all come back to you. if you have no idea, rule out what you know not to be possible and go with the best answer possible. and you will have questions that you seem to be just guessing at.

    for me, i studied about 1 month. i scored 870/1100 on my hesi exit in june and did manage to pull a's this year. i did review the chapters in my saunders, especially those chapters that we "touched on" such as culture, legal and infection control. the only book (cd included) i have used all year was saunders nclex-rn examination, 4e.

    my pn exam experience last question 40, i was in serious in distress! i was feeling as if i knew absolutely nothing! the negativity was overcoming my ability to think. you may feel the same way, but i encourage you to take a second....breathe, give it to him and move on. i am an e x t r e m e l y slow test taker and suffer from test anxiety. i know i was about 2 hours into the test by the time i reached question 85 and the computer shut off.

    i did go home and cry. i was positive i failed and sure of it. i had read many posts of people feeling the same way but still, i just knew "i" had failed. i know the exam is adaptive etc. i questioned "why lord?"....he had pushed me so many times to keep going, spoke through my patients to let me know that i was a nurse and that this was his plan.... despite me digging my heels in the ground, questioning, and doubting myself. still, i was "rethinking" my life, i was already ashamed that i had let everyone down, my husband, my instructors and friends who had been supporting me. i was thinking how will i be able to face them? you know what????....what a total waste of energy and total shame for not believing in his plan because i passed. i have been very humbled. if i am not confident in myself, how on earth can my patients be confident me? it's been a wake up call for me!!

    so....following the exam, if you walk out feeling totally confused, doubting yourself, depressed or in tears...please...please...p l e a s e, just believe in yourself and know that you did do your very best. you did use critical thinking skills whether you realized it or not. do not let an exam destroy your dreams and ambitions. it is only a test!!! you have made through school, you will pass this exam too! my sincere hope is that you will relax, trust and believe in yourself. the lord believes in you and many who contribute to this forum do too!

    p.s. pearson vue "trick".....if you live in a state were the board of nursing has an "online license verification" link available, check there before paying for "quick results". the bon will post about 20 hours after your exam. you will be very excited to see your name listed as an lpn!! i'm sure of it.

    b e l i e v e.

    joshua 1: 9 "this is my command--be strong and courageous! do not be afraid or discouraged. for the lord your god is with you wherever you go." nlt

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    I am taking propranolol 10mg. LOVE IT...LOVE IT........L O V E IT! It's a very low dose for a beta blocker and I'll tell you what, I've never been comfortable in my life! Those EXTREME panic feelings, increased heart rate and that intense pounding feeling that your heart is going to explode out of your chest.....GONE! It just does not occur. I am able to think clearly just because the "panic" is gone. For me, ZERO side effects. I'm extremely comfortable during clinical when I don't have to experience that overwhelming sympathetic response that use to occur. That pain was so intense for me, I truly thought I was experiencing a heart attack. Even though I knew it was panic, I thought, this CANNOT be good for my heart!

    Oh, I also take 10mg one hour before exams. My test anxiety.....GONE!

    My script reads "Take 1-2 tablets by mouth for anxiety." For me, 10mg is enough. I have not experienced any difference in 10mg verses 20mg so, I am very comfortable at 10mg. Oh, and cost of medication WITHOUT insurance....$5! Cost of the doctor appointment without insurance...$80!

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    My silly little way.....I have tried to remember the larger numbers as : "LCD" and "M"

    "LCD" is type of TV so, I remember the numeric order by the spelling.
    L = 50
    C = 100 (the word Century also comes to mind)
    D = 500
    M = 1,000 (I think MEGA)

    Best of luck to you on your test next week!

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    on your own......that's scary! my program has structured math class and are using clinical calculations (6th ed.) by kee and marshall. before i started the class, i bought "dosage calculations made incredibly easy!" from springhouse which was very helpful. also, be sure to check out the sticky for any math help you might need.

    good luck on your test in october and your continued success in the nursing program!

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    Hi Leah,
    Continue to look to the Lord for your peace and strength. Your father cannot comprehend right now due to his own pain and denial. For now, let go and wait for hospice team to assist. Very soon, your father is going to need you more than you know. He has tons of vultures and critics at this back right now. Just be there for him, show him you are on his side, hug him and let him know how much you love him.

    What a loving granddaughter you are. You love her deeply, hear her cries for Jesus and know her wishes. I WILL pray for peace and strength for you and your family. For your grandmother, I pray for her peace and will celebrate the day the Lord calls her home. It's all in His time, not ours.

    God bless.

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    Quote from FA to CRNA
    I have an Olympus too. I feel that it was key to my success in school. I recorded everything. ...It's amazing how much you miss in class the first time around. ... I like the Olympus a lot. The one problem that everyone seems to have is with the battery cover falling off. Mine is gone. I'd put a rubber band around it or some tape.
    I totally agree! I really like my Olympus as well.

    ... While I've never had a problem with the battery cover falling off, I found that the Olympus did not give enough indication (sometimes I think it was the VERY LAST MINUTE) that the battery was going to run out! Talk about scrambling. Just always have spare batteries on hand.

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    I just turned 47 and have been accepted into the fall 08 program at a community college. I have orientation on the 3rd and am pretty sure that I will find a study buddy close to my age. I don't feel old at all! I also know a second year student who is 41 and have a work acquaintance that finished the program and graduated at 51.

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    Becoming a nurse at 39 is GREAT! When did 39 equate to old? You asked for it……Reality Check….SLAP! :smackingf I will officially become a nurse when I am 49.

    I left my 24 year, 24x7, thankless IT career in 2004 and have never once regretted that decision. I have sincere respect for you, staying home with your children in order to be there for them. I missed out on so much because life was ALWAYS an emergency in the IT world.

    I knew nursing was for me but I had many ”what if” questions and some HUGE fears. College?...Me?…I could barely spell the word let alone thinking of attending one! So, I became a CNA and went into home health. Hooked! I’ve been seriously “poking” at classes since 2005 and was just accepted into the Fall 2008 program. I would take 1 - 3 classes, depending on the difficulty of classes and sometimes take a semester off to enjoy life. I DO regret taking A&P and Microbiology during my very first year. I wished I had taken all the writing, math and “other” classes first, leaving A&P and Micro “fresh” in my mind.

    As far as dissecting, in our lab we had a lab partner and we used rats. I was fortunate to have had a partner who liked to cut so I just made sure I understood all the organs. We were never graded on the actual dissection, just on identification. Ask your fellow students to recommend their favorite A&P professor and why. Then, talk to or email the professor before signing up for the class to explain your dilemma. I think you will be very surprised at their expectation and cooperation.

    Classes can be scary and sometimes overwhelming…if you let them. Once you finish your first class, you will never second guess yourself again. You CAN do this ….you youngster you!

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    I currently have a Sprauge (purchased as a CNA) and wonder if I should purchase another type for my first semester in the nursing program? Orientation is on 9/3 so any information at this point would be helpful.

    Is the Litmann stethoscope, or another brand, a better option? THANK YOU!

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    ME TOO....I feel EXACTLY the same way!

    I am 47, have also had a very successful career and have my life in order. I'm scheduled for orientation on 9/3 and school starts on the 23rd. I have very few things left to buy, but one thing I did buy early was the Saunders Compreshensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination. After reading MANY posts and talking with a second year nursing student, I decided to buy this bad boy early! It's packed with information that I believe will be extremely helpful going forward. The book is well organized, comes with a CD which provides extra questions, and includes a chapter on test-taking strategies. OK, so I might be 47 with my life in order but I do suffer from test anxiety.

    Congratulations to us! And when we need a little encouragement or have questions,,,,THIS SITE is the place to go.

    Dreams do come true and He leads the way. :heartbeat Philippians 4:13