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    Quote from ishtin
    Hello Makikay, do you already have your LOE? what school are you going to?
    Hello Ishtin.

    How are you?

    Yes, I received my LOE last November 2011 and took my IRON program at ACFE (January-March 2012). Just received a job offer, yet my business visa is almost to expire that is why I posted an enquiry how to process the bridging visa. Although, I am holding the multi-entry visa, yet it is quite costly to get out from here and fly back again, i was thinking to get the bridging visa if i am eligible.

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    Good day everyone!

    I would like to ask if anyone here has idea on how to process the bridging visa? and the requirements for the application.

    Thank you very much.

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    hello ilove83080..

    You can write the day you will arrive in Australia. If your BP starts on 27 August, you can fly 2-5 days before the commencement date so you can prepare everything especially you need to climatise with the bloody winter. But its really up to you if you want to be here earlier or just on time.

    Secondly, You will tick under entering/working in a healthcare facility. Your reason is your clinical placement which is definitely part of your Bridging program.

    And, the regular processing of the Registration is 4-6 weeks. However, there were many instances that applicants received their Registration on the 2nd - 3rd week after the school passed the documents. While small no. of the applicants received their registration after a month or within the 2nd month. As what i heard, Vic State has the fastest processing office, followed by NSW and WA. If it seems your taking so long in processing your registration (like 3 weeks already), you can email/call your case officer, the one who handled your application in Eligibility.

    I hope i give light to your query.

    God bless

    Quote from ilove83080
    BTW.. how did you guys answer the following #s in 456 Visa Application?

    #1 Over what period do you wish to visit Australia?
    (for example Day 1 of my BP is on August 27, 2012 in IHNA)
    (how many days before BP day 1 should i arrive in Australia?)

    #21 Do you intend to enter a hospital or health care facility (including nursing homes) while in Australia?
    (we are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK during the 3 MONTH DURATION right but we have clinical placements during the BP, so will i tick yes or no and what reason to put?)

    And if you have any idea how many days, weeks or months can we receive registration from AHPRA after BP?

    Thanks.. Thanks.. Thanks in Advance...

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    Quote from dimplednurse
    Hi chilbrat,
    will I not get in trouble in the airport immigration if I only have one-way ticket?
    Good for you for being able to get a January slot. I will be taking my Bridging Course at ACFE by March.

    Good luck to you!
    Hi dimplednurse

    When i was still waiting for my visa, i just purchased a one way ticket. The time my visa was released, i was granted by a multiple entry, without "no further stay". So i thought my one way ticket is enough for me to travel here in Australia. However, the time i checked in my luggage at the airport (Cathay Pacific airline), the airline company asked for my return ticket and i explained it to them that i am not planning to come home since i will apply a bridging visa after my BP. Yet they hold my ticket and advised me to buy one since the australian immigration will surely look for it. So what i did i bought it immidiately becuase i was a bit scared what they've told me. In my surprise, the Australian immigration never ever mention about my return ticket. They even not asked me when i am returning home or if i have plans in going back. Maybe the airline told me to buy a return ticket to stay safe just to prevent any delay and problem during my travel. So, i think it really depends on the officer in the immigration, if they will ask for it nor not.

    Hope this will help..

    God bless you

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    Quote from glitzdelight
    Makikay!!! Im so happy for you! Been reading your before post and now the visa is in your hands! Yehey! Trully God is GREAT! You deserve it.

    Hope it will be the same for all of us!

    P.S. Update us if you can! hehe
    I am pleased to know that glitzdelight!
    As much as possible il update you about my bp..
    Good luck to you too..

    Thank you

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    i am the happiest person in the whole world!!

    my 456 visa has been released today, tomorrow il be flying to victoria australia for the commencement of my bp in acfe on january 9, 2012..

    thank you almighty father for an answered prayer!!

    thank you also for all the forumers here who helped me and answered all my queries from the very beginning!

    let's never stop paddling our canoe in order to reach our aussie dream!!

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    Quote from baesa
    hi Makikay_rx

    may i ask how much is ACFE's fee?
    I think its AUD 12,000 plus AUD 500 for the materials.

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    Quote from dimplednurse
    hello everyone who's online. I really need your help. I'm on a 456 visa and about to book a flight for March. the agent asked me if I should get a return ticket because of the type of visa I have. I am confused about this. Do I have to get roundtrip tickets? But i am planning to extend because i think my visa expires before my course ends. i am granted a multiple entry visa with 3-months stay in every entry. Does anyone have the same situation like mine?
    hello dimplednurse

    i bought a ticket in cathay pacific airlines. According to them, if your visa has NO condition such as "no further stay" and another statement that will not let you buy for a round trip ticket,maybe you can have a one way ticket. As of now, i purchased a ticket off to Australia without a return ticket since i am still waiting for my visa. In your case, you have a multiple entry without any condition maybe you can just buy a one way ticket. If you wanna be sure you can ask for a further information to others.

    God bless you

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    Quote from nursenathalie
    where are u taking ur bp?
    hello nursenathalie

    i will take acfe's bp this coming 2nd week of january
    but still waiting for my 456 visa

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    Happy Holidays everyone!!

    Unlucky me, the immigration has a long holiday. Hopefully my 456 visa will be granted and released by 3rd of January.
    2 weeks more and its the commencement of my bridging program.

    Regards to all

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    hi guys..

    Please help me with my query..

    I would like to ask if you have any idea how to procure the H.A.P (health request id) or T.R.N (transaction request number) from the Australian embassy. For their latest processing of medical examination, we need to have the HAP ID or the TRN so to start the medical part according to the Nationwide Healthcare system.
    I already lodged my visa application but they did not give me that kind of i.d or a form for my medical exam. I really wanted to start the med exam so that my visa application will be ready before January 2012.

    Any information is highly appreciated..

    Thank you so much!

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    Quote from itsmemilody
    Hey, makikay...i am interested in applying in ACFE...when did you submit your requirements for you to be considered for the January intake?? I am trying to get in their March intake. What documents did you submit?? Thank you very much..

    hello itsmemilody

    i submitted my dox last November 28 and i was scheduled for an interview last December 1. My application was for their March intake since i was informed that their January intake was already full. Surprisingly, i was offered for their January intake last December 7 and i never thought that there was a hope of getting that slot since its a month to go.. i felt so blessed!

    Before complying ACFE's requirements, i gave them a ring and they instructed me to send the LOE,application form with its fee, IELTS and RESUME. Afterwards they responded my email with the dox attached, they scheduled me for an interview. They are very accommodating especially with our enquiries.:spin::spin::spin:

    i will pm you the email i used in sending my papers and the number i used in ringing them..

    Good luck mate

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    Hello guys,

    Does anyone here know the public holiday on December especially during weekdays?
    I know i am a bit off topic but i really wanted to know so badly so i could be able to assess if my visa application plus my med exam would be possibly done before jan 2, 2012.

    Your information will be greatly appreciated bow:bow:

    Thanks a lot

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    Feel to share hehehe..

    Today, i feel so blessed!! Why? this is what happened: I had an interview by ACFE last week and on the same day, i read in their website that they will be going to send the offer letter for their successful applicants on Dec. 5. During that day, I wasn't expecting but i just can't stop myself from hoping to receive an offer letter. Unfortunately, i didn't! I was been a couch potato for the whole day till midnight just to wait for the offer but it never came ..On the following day, i decided to find other schools and placed more effort and time so i could find one. Yet, no one replied, oh my gosh!another hurdle to take?? but i never stop praying! Upon waking up yesterday, something was pushing me to send an enquiry to ACFE regarding the result of my interview. I was never expecting this much, but i received an email from the school offering me the January intake instead of March. i was overwhelmed especially my hope was almost vanished thru a thin air.
    By now, i am busy as bee preparing everything esp my visa application.Hoping i could finish everything weeks before my class commences..

    For all forumers here who helped me from the start till now, thank you very much!
    ~"ang diyos ang mabalos"~

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    is 456 VISA is the Application for a Business (Short Stay) visa for a stay up to 3 months?
    Is that the visa we are going to apply and fill up for our bridging program?