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    Well, I survived my first day on the job, and it was most interesting. We had a lot of excitement for a monday. Loved the guy who got his butt cheeks bitten by the LEO dog as he was trying to run away.. (HeeHee)
    and saw the crude attempt to jailhouse Tat's... an inmate told me they use a staple and melt hair jel with a melted checker piece (still don't know how they get 'ink" from a melted piece of plastic.....) but he has many of these tat's with his 2 newest on the way to a nice infection

    so tell me experianced nurses: what do they use and how are they making these tatoo's??
    thanks for answering this newbie! :spin:

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    I have been hired at or local county jail. I will be orienting a week on days, a week on evenings, and a week on nights... then I will remain on 11-7. What are your duties on 11-7, as compared to other shifts? Please share THANKS

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    couldnt have said it better.
    also..........almost zero liability

    I have heard that correctional nursing is actually one of the HIGHEST liability fields of nursing.. why would you think it carries ZERO LIABILITY?????????

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    Quote from homicidalnurse
    I believe this is one I took free a few years nursing spectrum charges for it but it would be worth it.....really, really good stuff. Like why correctional nursing is the only specialty specifically governed by an ammendment to the constitution of the US and why.

    Here ya go......
    Yes. I found that website and there are at least 5 exceptional courses that are wonderfully written

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    Quote from wareagle31
    I am the only nurse when I am gone...there is no one on site. I have never felt uncomfortable alone with an inmate, but I never let my guard down either...
    so what happens if there is an emergency on the compound when you are out on transport?

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    Quote from Jerseygirl52
    I just finished taking the correctional certification program. I enjoyed it very much. Dr. Dutcher is quick on replying to e-mails, and is also good about phoning if you need him to. There is a research paper due at the end, but that was fun to write. It was suppose to be 1800 words, but I had almost 3000. Probably could have written a book once I got started! The only draw back, and it's minor, is that it takes the college a long time to send the certificate so that I can get reembursed from my prison. I finished the course the middle of July, and I'm still waiting. The college states that they send a very professional certificate so that's the hold up. Would definitely recommend this course!
    After being an RN for 20 yrs, I am starting my first ever job in corrections at our county jail on monday. I am very excited for this opportunity and have been excessively reading and studying all I can to prepare in advance for this very uniques and what I can tell, a very fun career move. It sounds like I will love this job, I have been a long time ER nurse in the past and know that with the many ER type issues that will present themselves in the jail, I will feel very comfortable with my clinical skills and utilization of the standards of using many clinical skills all the time.
    My education goals are to renew ACLS ( I believe this is critical to renew, as cardiac emergencies are bound to happen on a regular basis.

    As for canyon college, I am fully aware it is non accredited, but for the sole purpose to gain professional knowledge in the field, and the very very reasonable cost of only $900.00, I think it be a very worthwhile investment in a brand new field /environent .

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    I have been taking many continuing education courses to learn everything I can about correctional nursing, as I start my new job at the local jail on Monday. I have read that part of the assessment is the care plan process. I am familiar with a care plan process, but need to know how this process is dealt with in a correctional setting?? Thanks

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    Quote from VegRN
    Maybe I am the only one that doesn't know what this means but, can you please explain this?
    new to corrections nursing, (actually start on monday) but I am guessing this is to have immediate access to security if an emergency were to arise for some reason

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    Thank You very much for the replies. I truly appreiciate it very much!

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    I am in florida and am trying to get hired at our local county jail. We also have 2 state prisons inour county also. Florida Correctional for women and Marion Correctional for men. wish me luck.. never have done corrections before but know I have an interest in doing so

    update: on 8/27/07 I started atthe marion county jail.. been a month now and I love it

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    Thanks so much.. any other terms ya all use out there I should learn??

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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Tampa area!! Please be careful! I had a friend who use to live in Tampa and she said that the Tampa area is a very high crime area. Best of Luck to you.
    Hi Blackcat: I wish to comment that crime can happen anywhere at anytime, and do not think Tampa is that high of crime as compared to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale,or even West Palm Beach... and mostly the very southern portions of Florida, (especially due to mexican and cuban influx to those areas.) TIP: Learn to shoot safely and get a Florida Concealed Weopns license. Then you can legally carry a handgun on your person at all times, in case of a time of need, you might be glad you had this added backup of protection.

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    Specifically those from Florida Correctional facilities.....So where are my Marion County, Florida Friends???

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    THANKS.. anyone else care toshare their secret on where to get job specific CEU's for DOC Nurses??

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    Quote from GARYLPN
    Hi Blackcat,

    Actually in a lot of ways it's absurd to think of giving an inmate a backrub although I would certainly give an elderly dying inmate confined to the bed a backrub. The younger healthy ones could forget it. They can get their cell buddy to give them a backrub.

    I actually like your sense of humor. It's like backrubs??? What's next happy hour at 5:00 with 50 cent draft beer???

    I sometimes get disgusted at some of the liberties given to inmates knowing that they get free medical care when there are millions of elderly people in this country who can barely afford health care but I always keep in mind that it's not my job to worry about that.

    And I can't totally blame the inmates. This country developed a prison system that puts people in prison over the slightest infraction and since we do that it is then up to the taxpayers to support the prison system which includes free food, shelter, and health care. But then again inmates actually pay my salary. It's funny though because I pay taxes to support prisons and prisons turn around and pay my salary.

    Please take no offense at anything I write although I do have high standards about nursing care no matter who it is.

    Gary: Here in Florida, inmates are charged 2.00 a day, and they have no tv and cannot smoke in our prison systems.