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    I haven't posted to this forum in a long time and, upon finding it again, thought perhaps I could attempt to gain advice again here.

    I was a nursing student. I completed the first year of a two-year RN program and failed the third semester by one point. I had planned on simply going back the following year and retake the course but my husband lost his job and I was forced to begin working full-time. Though he drew unemployment for a year, it was, naturally, not enough to allow me not to work so I would be able to concentrate on nursing studies, do my clinical hours, community projects, etc.

    Missing out on returning that year, I hoped again to return the following year but again his umemployment status prevented me from registering in time to get into the course. I would have had to reregister in May; he finally got a job in August of this past summer.

    This makes two years that I've been out of the nursing program. I've since learned from the director of the program that as I didn't return in a two year period I would have to retake the peliminary NLN exam but would have to retake the first year clinical nursing courses as well. I'd be starting all over again!

    Now, mentally, I could do it. Financially, I could not.

    So this leaves me with the question: What do I do?

    I've been considering applying for the LPN program instead. This takes a year to complete (three straight semesters) and I could work as an LPN for a year, give myself the opportunity to get us back on our feet somewhat in the money department and then take a weekend RN course offered by another campus for LPNs. I keep telling myself, "After all, all I ever wanted to be was a nurse! I didn't care what kind!"

    Yet, I do. In the long haul, I do.

    I want to work in home health one day, particularly in hospice and RN is the only way I know to accomplish this.....this goal that I feel strongly is my calling.

    I hope I've typed this out eloquently enough. I'd truly love to know what any of you would suggest.

    I yearn daily to work as a nurse. I'm presently working as a nursing assistant and I wouldn't take anything for the learning experience it's provided but I can't even begin to describe how badly I want to do more in the way of nursing interventions.

    Your thoughts?

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    Quote from Bala Shark
    As a graduating nursing student in one more week, i think it is hard to delegate things to the CNA..First of all, some have an attitude and dont want to do any type of work..Maybe, I always ended up with bad CNAs but that is from my experience.

    As an RN student working as an NA, I can easily say that some nurses have attitudes and don't want to work either. ;-)

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    Quote from ERtraumanurse07
    but honestly we get really screwed on the final exam thing - the professors could make errors and we would never know!!:angryfire
    Sometimes I think that's exactly why they destroy we won't know!

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    I am disappointed to read some of the replies in this thread. As a 41 year old, if I've learned nothing in life, I've learned never to make negative assumptions about another person. Actually, I've learned not to assume at all. None of us can begin to know what is in another's mind and heart and to even suggest you do is nothing but arrogance and stupidity and for those of you who boast....don't boast too loudly.
    I'm sickened to read "They just didn't have the brains" or "I wish some of them don't come back!" I'll tell you both.....what shall you sow, so shall you reap. I truly hope you have received or will receive more compassion than what you fail to dole out to others. No one can know how hard a student has worked (or how hard they didn't!) Sometimes it just simply wasn't their time but if they want it (and you know, my thing is the majority of nursing students want it or they wouldn't be there) they'll get it......despite your feeling that they're wasting YOUR time.
    Remember, as nurses we will "be there"....It doesn't necessarily mean just to patients.

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    You know, I'm glad I saw this thread. It's like I was meant to see it, guided to it. After reading of her disappointment yet her determination and then reading the encouraging posts that followed, I feel so extremely comforted. This latest reply really moved me in that it, again, was an echo of my thoughts. I have felt and could imagine myself feeling the same that was described. Yes, it will be bittersweet to watch my beloved classmates graduate....Yes, my heart will probably ache because I will think also, "I should have been there too." but like you said....I want to be a nurse. I feel I have wanted it all my life (I'm not sure why) and I suppose this IS a small thing in comparison to what is out there in my future, isn't it?
    What can I say.....Thank you!

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    Quote from RNKittyKat
    Medical Surgical Nursing, 4th Ed. from Lippincott Review Series. I never even picked up my heavy med-surg text book. Used this little gem pretty much solo.
    I was just about to recommend this one as it helped me a lot with Med-Surg when I took it last semester. The Incredibly Easy books are good too (though I don't have one yet). Another book that I used was Medical_Surgical Nursing: Reviews and Rationales by Hogan.
    Top of the line though, is the Lippincott Review, I think.

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    Quote from landonsles
    Here's one for you:
    What do you call a made, unoccupied bed?
    Bare (or unmade, I can't remember)

    The answer is closed. It was NOWHERE in our book--but it was in last semester's book. Please tell me how knowing about a closed bed will help me be a better nurse, b/c I just don't see it!

    Huh? Now I'm confused! I would surely have chosen "open"....WHat's the rationale behind closed?

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    Quote from MrsStraty
    97% pass rate on the NCLEX! Our school is tough and one of the toughest programs there is. You might think a 70 is low but if you were to take one of our tests you would see how tough they are. Our school used to be an 80 to pass, about 10 years ago, then they lowered it. I am sure glad they lowered it. Hey who the heck is walking around, RN's AND Doctors with a "C" on their chest? You never know who actually got C'c or A's. I have been working at a hospital for 9 years now and I have seen RN's with C's and RN's with A's. The RN's who were so "book" perfect had ALOT to learn clinically and had trouble "dealing" with patient's family and clinical stuff like that. Anybody can memorize nursing content, the TRUE test is when we are out in the "REAL" world......working as RN's.

    :hatparty:May 2005
    You so said it....One of the things that has helped me the most was remembering that I, in my new status of failed student, will not be the first and I won't be the last. I recall my nursing instructor telling us (this was the first year instructor) that she would rather have a former "C" nurse who knew her stuff and knew how to see patients as people than the "A" nurse who treated people as textbook examples.
    And no, I in no way think a 70 is low but I would be lying if I wasn't sitting here yearning and wishing that was what our passing grade had to be. I feel I worked so hard...I lost precious time with my family, was always afraid to enjoy a movie, never went out except to go to school or the grocers or church....diligently studied, typed notes...I tried so hard yet failed. Your reply goes to show that even with helping students there is a good success rate with the NCLEX and again makes me feel....dare I say it?.....that we were robbed.

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    Quote from jill1215
    okay, everybody here i am sure has had some dumb test questions. you know the type where the professor won't budge an inch, but the "correct" answer is nowhere in the lecture notes or book. let us here those questions and see if we can figure out the answer!

    here is the dumbest question off my tests this semester (this was a test that included the gi chapter and elimination):

    a patient has been in the hospital a few days and is complaining of lose stools 2 days after admission. after going over his recent diet what food item do you suspect caused the lose stools?

    a. chocolate yogurt

    b. chicken salad sandwich

    c. grilled steak and green salad

    d. cereal and a banana

    the answer was c! nope, i should not suspect lactose intolerance or a problem with the milk products. i should suspect the steak because it may have been grilled on charcoal! charcoal grilling in a hospital? sure!
    anyone else have some doozies? i need a good laugh. it has been a long 16 weeks.

    our final was on monday and though i can't recall any dumb questions, per se', on it, i did see what i thought was a totally irrelevant question on the last exam for the unit that was given to us on the thursday before finals. like you said, it was no where in our textbook or lecture......(one of our classmates looked in a textbook from the semester before and found it there, though.....(?)
    the question asked what the sap was that came from a poison ivy plant? none of us knew....i came home, looked it up online and found out the correct answer was ushriol (sp?)
    who would have thought we would have needed to know the anatomy of a plant?

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    Quote from JENRN2BMICHIGAN
    Thanks everyone! I got an 85%! Which is fine...just glad it's over... I also found out today that we don't start back until January 12, not the week before! :hatparty: That gives me an extra week of relaxation! Yeaa!
    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I'm so happy for you!! I was feeling your tension and am so glad you had such a wonderful outcome! Congratualations! Now, time to enjoy the holiday, catch up on your rest and build up your strength.

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    Quote from Fiona59
    Shower, bath gels. Anything from the Body Shop. What kind of pens does she use? A couple of those BIC ones with the four colours tied up nicely, gourment coffee or hot chocolate without mugs. Just be creative. Anything beats the year my hubby gave me a snowblower....
    Omigosh!! Your husband gave you a snowblower!!

    I think already you've been given some fantastic ideas.....Things good for the soul (Hey! That's an idea! One of those "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books....I love them!
    I'm sooo admiring a 60 year old woman being in LPN school...That is awesome!

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    Congratulations on passing!!

    You are so blessed, too. I look at the requirements to pass in your course and am so envious. Were I where you are, I would have passed...(still moaning and groaning in Virginia....*shrugs*) We had to have an 80 to pass and my final grade was a 79.
    Students who have graduated from your school....How have they done on the state boards? I ask because that's the reason my instructors gave for taking away points that were afforded to last year's graduating class (even though only one student from that class had to resit for the boards but passed on the second take).

    Congratulations again!!

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    Quote from llg
    I don't think you did, either. I hope you didn't take offense at my previous post. None was intended.

    No no, none at all. I just wanted to clarify.
    You know, when I first "sat down to analyze" this whole thing of having failed I had all of these thoughts..."I'm angry....I'm disappointed....I'm hurt....Am I supposed to feel this way?.....Is this stereotypical of a student that has failed?....." and then "Okay, what now?"
    I recall the first year instructor telling the class last year how it was funny how most students that pass loved her to death (naturally, no way to know if these students truly did or if this was an assumption or what but...) but the students who fail always blame her and hate her. Her saying that was replaying itself in my head over and over again as I pondered this, struggling in my first day to cope. After having lived for 41 years I know that we, as humans, sometimes have irrational feelings when things don't go as we hoped or planned yet I also truly feel we are justified to have those feelings. I think a lot of it comes to ethics....Often moreso that what the standards of the Board of Nursing and the NCLEX come to. If it were not so, other schools would be operating the exact same way and they don't! A nursing school two hours from me (and no, I don't have the option of going there because besides my two grown sons I also have two little boys and am lacking in childcare to be able to perform such a feat) works with the student, and gives reviews consistent with upcoming exams (which we oftentimes didn't have). I've heard the instructors are kind and welcoming to those students who seek their help....we in turn were often waved off with an "Not now! I'm busy!" whenever we showed up at our instructor's office door. This instructor has been teaching for two years....I think ours is actually her second. I mean, my goodness, the school is only entering it's sixth semester far, only one graduating class.
    I just felt that, yes, maybe they did have to take some of those extra points away that last year's students had.....but as much as they did? Why give them so much and stomp us into the ground?

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    Quote from llg
    I am sorry that you feel that some of the recent developments in your program have worked to your disadvantage ... but you really wouldn't want the program to stagnate and to be lifeless.


    Oh noooo, of course not and I'm confident that I did not imply that in my post.

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    Quote from allthingsbright
    i think it may have something to do with NCLEX pass rates which are reevaluated every year. schools raise their standards in accordance with how well their students do on the nclex. since it made such a difference to you, you should find out exactly why your school changed its grading standards.

    sorry to hear things didnt turn out well for you this semester! hope things get better!
    Yes, I'd pondered that as well...the NCLEX pass rates. Truthfully I can understand the necessity of changing point systems because of it but question why it was done so drastically. If I'd had even half of what last year's students had, I would have passed. (You know how we think those "if only's")
    When I went yesterday to talk to my instructors about what my options were and to get their guidance on helping me successive next time I thought about asking them why they went so easy on last year's and socked it to us so hard. Decided not to...knew it would make no difference. As far as I know, they don't have to answer me and I can imagine questioning them would only have made them angry. It seems the nursing instructors in my school are akin to God-like figures....handlers in the lives of others, the supreme decision-makers of who gets and who doesn't. I can't honestly say that my instructors disliked me....I think thinking along those lines is not only immature but counterproductive so I won't even entertain it as a classmate has. I also have lived long enough to know that, no, life isn't fair.....but there should be justice I feel when other's futures are at stake.
    Thanks for your reply and your support.....Like I said, I'm still quite unhappy (afer all, this is only Day#3 of swallowing it and trying to accept it) but it's not over til' it's over and I will try again.