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    Thought you may like to hear about my last hospital stay where I was intubated through my nose while still fully awake.
    I was in the emergancy department with a severe allergic reaction,my tongue was so swollen that it was taking up all my mouth and throat,I couldnt swollow,talk and I was struggling for breath.
    I was told I was going to be put to sleep to help me breath and was taken to theatre where they continued to try and find an acess to my veins.
    A central line pack was opened and I was prepared for a Femural line,but at the last min a line was found in my finger.
    I was then told a camera was going to be put down my nose,and due to the fact I am allergic to Lidnocaine a long cotton bud was dipped in a bowl of liquid and rub around my nose getting deeper and deeper untill it would no longer reach.
    Then a flexable black tube was put down my left nostril,all was fine and I felt nothing untill they started to struggle to get any further than the bottom of my nose,then the chocking started.
    I heard them say they could not see a thing and eventually it must have gone down because I heard them asking for a (I thought I heard them say catherta)
    Next thing I knew I was being chocked and struggling for breath,I tried to reach up and grab the tube out but they held my hands down and someone held my head back on the trolley.
    In a few mins (what seemed like a life time) they said all done you are safe now.
    I was given a light sedation of diazipan.
    It was the worse thing I have ever experianced,not only the intubation but the sheer panic I was in the whole 24hrs it was in.
    although my sats were fine,I felt that I was not getting enough air and was Breathing through a straw and having to suck air in from uphill.It didnt help that a mask was put over the tube and the plastic kept blocking off the hole unless it was right over the masks tube.The experiance of trying to breath through my mouth ( I am a mouth breather)was strange as nothing came in but the sounds came from the tube in my nose,the same for coughing.
    I was uncomfortable and didnt dare move.
    Had there not have been a ballon inflated down the tube I would have pulled it out the next day as like I said I was panicing.
    When the tube was removed that was also very painfull and I suffered a running bleeding nose for the next few days and I developed a chesty cough,something I never get.
    Well there it is ,a patients view of nasel intubation while still awake.
    Does anyone have any idea why it was done awake?
    I hope I never have to have it done again,but at the end of the day it did save my life.
    I only came home last night from hospital and thought I would share my thoughts while they were still fresh.
    I live in Shropshire in England.

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    I agree, Beautifully written I was also reduced to tears.

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    Thank you for your response about my femoral lines.I will certainly now ask my doctor to see if there is any other way that I can have access to my veins.
    I have a care plan in the accident and emergency department of our local hospital which states that the most senior doctor is to have two tries at getting access, and after that an anaesthetist is called and we go from there.
    I have had ultrasound scans in recuss to find veins but with no luck,my veins move around from the needles and sometimes give flashbacks before dissapearing.sorry I dont know the tecnical terms this is only what I have picked up over the years.
    I have had small needles in my neck over the years (but due to the positions they dont last very long )as well as central lines.
    There was talk last year of a port being put in but they thought I may have trouble with infections.
    Thank you again for the advice about the Lignocaine,I think every one including my doctor is afraid to try new treatments because of my violent reactions to them but as you say something needs to be done.
    many thanks xx

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    Hi, I have regular femoral lines in due to the fact I have severe allergies and have no veins left at all.My latest line went in on the 21st March and came out on the 2nd April 2008 ,due to the fact I had an infected foot ,and while they were trying me on antiboitics I was Having anaphylatic shocks.during those days half the nursing staff had no idea I had a line in,some used gloves to give the drugs,others didnt.I was expected to go to the bathroom,shower and move around as usual.several times after a shower the dressing holding the line in would become soggy and would need changing.
    Untill I read the coments posted I didnt realise they should be treated any differantly.
    The line never causes me any pain, I can reach down,bend at the hip and walk with no problem at all.well no one has ever told me not to.This time however the stitch site became weepy and sore, and I have been left with a swelling under the skin at the needle site which is now becoming more painful every day,although not red on the surface the pain is more like a cramp going down deep inside.Despite my worries at the time ,and asking the nurse taking out the line if she was going to send off the tip to check for infection ,it wasnt done and so now I am wondering what should be done.
    I totally disagree with the comment that if you are walking around you are not ill enough for a line,it is my only way of having my drugs iv, and as I am also allergic to lignocaine I have the extra problem of no pain relief when they go in.
    This is my third femoral line in my right groin ,and I was told it was very difficult to put it in this time as there is a lot of scaring now,I have also had central lines put in (they will have to knock me out next time for one of those as that was very uncomfortable )not so much the pain side but the sickening thud as it pops in.
    I am not a nurse,just a patient who was looking up what to do about my painful line site when I came across these comments and this site,and thought you might like my thoughts about it ,maybe I am now an expert on femoral lines lol.
    Anyway if anyone can advise me what they think I can do about this pain I am having I would be most grateful.
    Thanks xx