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    llg, thanks for the quick and thorough response! sounds like the type of research and my degree of involvement will vary depending on where i choose to work. it's nice to know the option is there!

    anc33, i’m not sure what kind of research i'd like to do yet. my background is in molecular neuroscience but i think i would find something that is more directly beneficial to people more exciting. being involved in both drug development and clinical trials interest me. what are you opinions/advice regarding these? thanks!

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    i'm looking to get some info about the role of nurses in research.
    is it possible for a nurse with an advanced degree to be a principal investigator?
    also, are there any NPs out there who split their time between participating in research and seeing patients? if so, how exactly do you divide your time and is it difficult to find a job where this is acceptable? what specialization would be most beneficial for someone who wanted to do this? (clinical research nurse vs. NP etc)
    thanks for the help!