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    I, too, am sorry to hear of your loss. We were just talking today about how long Daddy has been gone.

    On taking EC tests...

    1) When you first see a question, read the question TWICE before looking at the answers.

    2) If the correct answer JUMPS off the page at you, select the answer and move to the next question.

    3) If the answer does not jump off the page at you, do not linger and don't answer it, move on and wait till the end of the test to review all that you have flagged for review or not answered. There are options to select either / or.

    4) Do all of your flagged questions (or unanswered) in the same manner...go through them one by one - don't answer it till the answer jumps off the page at you, it will before you finish.

    EC scores are based on the ability level as defined in the "item response theory" of exam development and scoring, so the above method I told you about will help tremendously. It's just not about how many you get "right," but HOW you take the test.

    Hope that helps. Mark