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    Just got my Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope and I have a question to an owner of the same modell.

    Does the membran has a small hole in it? Right in the middle of it theres a small, looking like a "manufactured hole". And does this affect the cleaning of the Stethoscope?

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    Perfect, you know if they had littmanīs?

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    I will mostly be at Manhattan but will be sleeping in Hoboken.

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    I was wondering if anyone in here know any good nursing store in New York City that have stethoscopes and such things.


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    Start searching the City please! ;-)

    Whats a good online stor to shop from? I have the possiblity to order to an american adress where i can pick it up at my arrival.

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    noone from the 8 million New York City?


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    Hello everyone!

    Im new to this place and english arent my first language (just a warning) and i thought the site looked intresting so I joined.

    I work as a nurse at a emergency ward(?), dont know the name for it and i dont even know if im a Nurse or not in the meaning of the word (3 years study at the University).

    Ive been reading some of the posts and I have a hard time understanding a couple of things. Im not from the US so if anyone would be kind to explain to me what all the "I am a LPN" "RN, LPN, or CNA" etc.

    Also at the left side theres the Nursing Degrees

    Having a hard time figuring it all out so any help would be much appreciated!!

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    Hello and good evening!

    Im on my way to New York in a couple of months and i was wondering if anyone have any advice of good medical stores to buy a stethoscope in?

    Im not from the USA (i hope you can read my poor english) and the price is 50% compared to my countrys prices for stethoscopes.

    So any advice of good shops in New york would be more then welcome!

    Im also intrested in what you think is a good stethoscope for a nurse at a Emergency ward (thats me).

    Thank you!