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    Quote from miarose
    i am a first semester student too. i'm sorry, but i do not think we should have to put up with "those" type of nurses. i pay very good money to go to school and learn, .

    news flash, dear...the floor nurses are not getting any of your "good money". they are already overworked, underpaid, and don't have time to pee on some shifts. i can see why you have a problem...and unless you change your attitude, its gonna get a whole lot worse.

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    my nurses' reactions to students varies by the students' knowledge and behavior. well prepared students who get things done are always welcome. we know you are here to learn...but we expect certain basic knowledge. students who haven't learned the fundamentals..... "where do you take a radial pulse?" "what does a prn order mean?"...or who show up late, sloppy, and glued to their cell phones..are just more trouble than they are worth.

    while many students are great, the least prepared are frequently young, traditional aged students. the 31 year olds with 2 kids and a part time job usually seem to still pull it all together.

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    Quote from stanley-rn2b

    i just really think people not willing to invest in our freedom with their life should not receive as many privileges as those that do.

    freedom isn't free. why should some people pay for your share???

    there are evil, crazy bullies in the world (stanley would use another term...) who want to take the land and lives of people they don't like, or don't believe others have a right to land and life.

    war is horrible..and unfortunately needed in some times and places. i would be interested in your alternative...talking? reasoning? un sanctions? a time out? frankly, if you have nothing worth dying for, you have nothing worth living for.

    [in the interest of disclosure, i am a vet, the wife of a vet, the daughter of a vet, the daughter-in-law of a vet, the grandaughter of three vets, and the mother of two active duty soldiers]

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    Quote from stanley-rn2b
    they own mccain. barack, however is beholden to the people and not the companies.
    rotflmao :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    thanks....i needed a laugh!

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    Quote from hypocaffeinemia
    i think many people are disincentived from voting due to the electoral college system. if i didn't have strong feelings on local issues, i'd have little reason to vote in the presidential election: regardless of my party affiliation, my state will vote gop, so my presidential vote is meaningless. at least some states like nebraska divide the electoral votes-- ours is all or nothing.
    then get to work at your state level to change the rules!!!

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    Quote from stanley-rn2b
    and here is where our opinions veer greatly.... i think most people are just as dumb as the politicians think.

    guess it depends on who you spend your time around, but you are in popular company. across the country, liberals remain totally befuddled by the actions of "average" americans, who are clearly stupid and deranged since they disagree with the liberal platform. too bad "they "are allowed to vote!

    'the great republican bamboozle' trilogy this coming election at a voting booth near you...

    glad you understand that like kerry and gore, obama will lose, and the liberal cry of "foul" will ring...again.

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    Quote from blueridgehomern

    and your point is what?
    debt is bad...very bad.

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    Quote from indigo girl

    how did he know about 911? that is incredible!

    smart doggie!
    preprogrammed into a special button push with paw!

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    [quote=absolutely13;3123660]in the last 28 years, republicans have been in charge with the exception of w.j. clinton who handed over a budget surplus to g.w. bush.


    lots of households also have a budget surplus some months, but are carrying thousands of dollars in debt. you cannot be suggesting that mr. clinton erased the national debt.....

    ....didn't think so. balancing a budget is terrific....but debt is the killer, whether you are a citizen or a nation.

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    Quote from jlsrn
    sounds like a typical fluff type assignment, i think there's more of that in nursing programs today, rather than concentrating on the nuts and bolts.
    hence the proliferation of "i flunked nclex 16 times" threads...

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    as a vet, i strongly feel that every non-handicapped eighteen year old in america needs to perform two years of government service......military, va hospitals, a home-grown "peace corps" program...but something to let them know that freedom isn't free, we have obligations to each other and this country, and that being without hd tv and a cell phone is not really abuse and torture.

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    ironically, those at both political poles seem to feel that the feds have no business taking over private companies.

    however, i disagree that borrowers are innocent bystanders. the "old fashioned" rules about mortgage worthiness exist for a reason. i was taught, and have passed on to my children, that if you can't afford (or qualify for) a thrity year fixed mortgage, you can't afford that house.

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    Quote from iam46yearsold
    what are they going to do in the what is it, the next 10 years when the alzheimers population is supposed to hit 20 million.

    dementia is not mental illness.

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    Quote from sharrie
    would that come down to money ?

    beyond a $hadow of a doubt!!!!

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    Quote from sharrie
    as a qualified nurse we can overide a medical decision to discharge if we feel it is unsafe.

    not over here, sharrie---only physicians and clinical social workers can involuntarily commit. nurses can intervene, but can't override a md decision except if another md (ie, medical director) is involved. [again..i have not worked in every us state, so this may vary..]