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    i really :heartbeatappreciate your pointing the other side of the issue, also, and it is a quagmire from almost any direction you look.

    may i also add that i see your side, and if ever i could support a termination it would be in cases like this. i have to answer to my conscience, and you to yours. speaking for myself alone, there would be very little abortion backlash if they were performed for only serious medical reasons. the "abortion as contraception" viewpoint is abhorent to most people i know, even those who i love who are pro-choice.

    thank you again for being so clear and non-confrontational on this hot button issue, which touches at the core of the value of human life and the best way to support that ideal. a respectful salute from the other side of the fence...

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    Quote from toomuchrock
    i somewhat have to disagree with this. i think customer service is the backbone of nursing. i think its every nurses job to attempt to portray a positive image of themselves professionally as well as the facility they work for. often times patients have a choice in which hospital they stay, and you should want it to be yours.
    now it goes without saying that sometimes things don't always go as planned, and some patients will always expect too much. but i think we should all strive for the best customer service possible. its good for you, if gives the patient confidence in you and your hospital, and it does not require much more effort.
    did you just come out of your hospital's orientation in a fugue state?

    i'm afraid that your inexperience screams out of this post. come talk to us in a few years when you have had the joy of a patient believing that his need for a snack and some tlc is much more important to his "satisfaction with excellent customer service" than his roomate's "need" for pressors, suctioning, and immediate transfer to the icu!!

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    true...a spoiled rotten dog and a spoiled rotten cat who thinks he's a dog.

    tpbm really likes his/her boss..

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    Quote from pattycakern
    interesting question, but i don't think anecdotal experiences (as many as there may be) prove that any such place exists.
    by definition, existance in another dimension cannot be proved or disproved by the scientific method in this dimension.

    carl sagan can have his hard truth, i have my own hard truth.

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    welcome to the wonderful world of gramma-hood!!redpinkhe:heartbeat

    my grandson is almost three, and i still can't beleive the way i feel about this joyous addition to the family and my life!!

    take tons of pix..if you think your kids grew up fast,......... your little angel will be walking and talking before you blink!!

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    Quote from manikanna
    i am not about to claim that i started my career late its just i stopped midway after falling into addiction problems.its been 5years since i dropped out and am currently out of rehab and considering returning to my first love you are in good company qit worrying,it could be worse.
    mani kanna
    we also have a recovery forum here--feel free to check it out. you'd be amazed at the number of nurses who are in recovery..:heartbeat

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    in va, they can give insulin, use epi pens, and yes, give narcotics and psychotrophics...:angryfire

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    check with the texas bon...i am getting ready to teach a class here in va, and med aides can only work in alf's (not snf's or hospice), group homes, and adult day care.

    each state has wildly different rules on this, so check before you spend time and money on this..

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    Quote from suesquatch
    kiwi and blue ridge, i have no idea what you're arguing about. you agree.

    sorry--a little canon law debate that doesn't really fit here!

    original itent only that the most pro-life organization on the planet doesn't insist mom die to save enourmously rare set of circumstances.

    kiwi--it was terminate, or the mom, the mother of three young children, would die from cardiac tamponade and untreatable (then, at least) pulmonary htn it's obscure, but in the long version of the canon. it was choice between one death or two deaths. i am personally as pro-life in any form as anyone i know.

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    Quote from Kiwi_chick;2927401

    I hope you don't mind if I clarify this point, but I'd hate people to get the wrong idea -- direct termination of pregnancy is never permitted, but in some circumstances posing imminent physical danger to the mother, it is morally permissible to treat her even though the likelihood is that the baby will die as a result of the treatment. The exact circumstances when that approach should be taken are debated by moral theologians. [/SIZE]

    Respectfully, you are misinformed, although this is VERY rare. The cardiac case I mentioned did involve an active termination, sadly, at the pleading of the woman's priest, bishop, and MD.

    [Not flying by the seat of my pants...18 years of Catholic education, mostly Jesuit.] Info offered only to help others clarify their own moral paradigm.

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    one little event that made my life worth living again..."tah/bso"


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    Quote from 10mg-iv
    i suppose we have to be "on stage" while at work. i wish that white sequin lowcut thigh high nurse uniform with cap, would fit.

    "and the oscar for the best nurse in a supporting
    role while trying to keep some poor sob actually alive goes to__________":clphnds::clphnds::clphnds: