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    i had a horrible episode in my own hospital years ago which culminated in my signing out ama also. i was on the phone to the insurance company and my md the next morning at 0900, and sent a long letter to the vp of nursing, and cc'd everyone i could think of. within six weeks, the unit had a new manager and a bunch of new policies. (there wasn't a joint commission website back then.) if you don't report, how will they treat the next poor patient who doesn't know any better?????

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    another vote for air..i lined a playpen with newspaper and let the little guy hang out bare-bottomed for as long as possible. when one of mine got a nasty yeast rash (from my antibiotics) we had to layer a&d over nystatin for a month to get it cleared. poor kid looked like his butt had been scalded!

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    i have to agree with one of the comments on the original article....the democratic party, champion of the "little people" and "real americans" is having a fit, because one was nominated for office.....of the wrong party!

    and this from a 2nd rate hack in an insignificant newspaper...gotta love irony!

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    Quote from herring_rn
    please answer first.
    did we have to defend ourselves from north viet nam?

    no, we had to defend south vietnam against north vietnam...and now that your red herring question has been answered, please answer mine, without a re-hash of wars you didn't think were necessary.

    what would you do in the face of a clear and obvious danger???

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    Quote from suesquatch
    i don't feel competent to make declarations about how folks of a race different than mine think.

    so you really think that intrinsic racial divisions preclude any understanding of another's prespective?

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    Quote from herring_rn

    i would do all in my power to protect my country then.
    meaning what?

    what you do, personally, and what do you think free countries should do, in the aggregate??

    plans, please, not platitudes..

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    individuals who live in houses with medicine cabinets full of psychptropics ought not throw stones about "pill-popping".....

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    Quote from cwazycwissyrn
    i agree with most of what you are saying here. i believe that is why the our very first amendment addressed this.
    congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    this part always gets glossed over or ignored...

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    again, perhaps you would share with us what your alternatives are to those who seek to displace and murder others....a world without war is the ideal of any sane human, but what do you propose instead??

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    Quote from suesquatch
    i grew up in nyc. urban whites think very differently than rural ones. neither should be able to dictate.
    i'd take it one step futher, that urban people think and live differently from rural ones, and that south dakota and boston residents see the world through vastly differing prisms...

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    Quote from stanley-rn2b
    a direct vote would make the representation be more inline with the people of this country however.
    i agree..but i have also personally seen this discussion during presidental election years ten times now, and *ppft* ---it goes away by thanksgiving. to change would require a large effort that continued past the ge every four years..

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    Quote from daytonite
    most staff nurses are aware that they have a responsibility to mentor and teach others (it's in their written job duties).
    i have never seen this in a staff rn's job description, nor have i ever written it into one as a manager. precepting is an additonal duty, and not all nurses are good at teaching....and mentoring is by definition voluntary.

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    sadly, all it takes is one arrogant and unprepared student from the xyz school of nursing, and nurses don't want to work with any students from xyz. some nurses are awful to everyone, no doubt there, but even the nicest nurse gets put off by the bad apples in the group.

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    Quote from icu/ccu
    you do have to start somewhere, but humble would be a better place to start miarose.
    ..and who the hospital does or does not hire is a moot point, since students with superiority attitudes rarely get "rn" after their names.

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    Quote from whiteoleander5
    i feel like there is a stigma on young nursing students, and this coming from someone who is one. but i understand why. i'm only 20, and most of the people in my classes are well into their 30's. i feel like because i'm so young, and not only inexperienced in nursing but inexperienced in life in general, i have something more to prove than the older students. i can sometimes sense that the older students think they are superior to me, and i am trying to change that.. but i still feel like a child (yet dont act like one..) around them. thankfully, i do not talk on my cell phone, i do know where to take a radial pulse, and i know what prn means. i guess i'm in good shape...
    you'll do great! maturity is an attitude, not just age, and you clearly have a good head on your shoulders. i started college at 16 myself....but it's all in how you carry yourself...good luck!