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    I started as a GN at Wuesthoff. They offered me $6000 sign on bonus for 2 years. I had an excellent preceptor and it was a great place to start and learn. However, the staffing was very poor at the time and the nurse to pt ratios were not good, especially during "season" (now). Sometimes they had required overtime. Ask to talk to the people that work on the particular floors you're applying for. Every one is different. Nurse recruiters will tell you what they think you want to hear. Find out from the source.

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    Quote from markas214
    I'm looking into moving with my family to this area. Can anyone give me a ballpark for salary? I have 13 years experience including two or more years in the following, med/surg, cardiac tele, ortho, ER, and many years as charge nurse in these departments. I plan on working 12 hour nights and would do all weekends if there is a weekend program that pays a premium. I need full benefits also. What are the co-pays for medical, dental and vision for a family?

    So what can I expect to make an hour doing nights with my experience? I was planning on asking for a base of at leat $30. I could live in a little less if the differentials are high enough. Please help. If you aren't comfortable posting wages publicly could you PM me?
    One option would be to start as a travel nurse, then you would be guaranteed a better salary with benefits and tax free stipend for living expenses. They could even set you up with housing and a rental car while you get situated. Otherwise, there are nursing agencies that also pay more and offer benefits. I have 5 years experience in critical care / ER nursing and was just offered $33 /hr. base salary for per diem (with no benefits or guarantee of full-time hours). Even working for the hospitals directly, you could expect to make $30-$35/hour depending on what area you work in~ that's including night & weekend differentials. Health First does have a "baylor program" (weekend exclusive). Everything is negotiable.