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    Thank You for the encouragement words... That is so true we as nurses always taking care of other people that we tend to forget about ourself....We need to take better care of ourselves so that we can take care of our patients...

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    I am serious... I been a LPN since Dec... and still looking for work.... Is it truly this hard for new grads to get a job.... Everywhere I went ...I filled out an application, and then they ask about experience.....EVERYWHERE IS ASKING FOR EXPERIENCE.... How can I get some if you won't let me in your door for some...

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    Quote from L&D_2b
    I'm sure you all know that I have been posting my experiences about starting LPN school on this site. However, today was just an awful day and I really could use some shoulders to cry on.
    It turns out, yesterday after we left school, my fellow classmate was killed in a car accident on her way home. Although we only met back in November, she and I really had a great friendship going. I guess you could say we were "lab" partners since we sat together during class everyday.
    I didn't hear about her accident until I got to school this morning. I had to leave class at noon because I just couldn't handle sitting in class anymore with "my friend" not next to me.
    To be honest, I'm considering not going back to school next week. I'm so afraid to drive that I had to have my husband come and get me at school and bring me home. Although I just started this program, I feel like I can't do it without my friend who just died. To top it off, she was only 31 (like me) and had three children and a husband at home.
    I'm sorry if this post is rambling or has misspellings. I'm really in a terrible state of mind right now.
    I am truly sorry to hear about your tragegy in your class.... I remember when i was in nursing school you tend to bond with your classmates.. being that you will be with them everyday.... I know you are shakin up right now ... but for your future you should not stop school... I know your friend will not want that from you..... When i was in school or class went through alot of tradegy also.... But the most terrible one was one of my fellow classmate mother got stroke down by a car and killed. We were all shoke up about the tradegy... but the most important thing was the classmate did not drop out of school... She took off some days.. but she graduated and passed her boards.... And I know her mother was watching over her... So just alittle advice.... DON'T GIVE UP!!! And your friend is watching over you!!! GOD BLESS

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    Quote from kiss04bam
    Does anyone reccomend any helpful nursing books? Im going to start LPN school either this auguest or next january. Ive done tons of research and looking for any helpful books about it. Or if you have any you reccomend that helped you through. Thanks in advance.

    Hello... I know that when i was in school... my last quarter our teacher told us to buy the Comprehensive Review Saunders NCLEX PN book... I truly wished I bought it at the beginning of the school year... because it is awesome... It actually helped me pass my boards...
    Good Luck...
    P.S. Get all the sleep you can get now.....

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    Hello fellow nurses... I have a question.... I am licenses in the state of Georgia.... I was wondering if anyone knows the process for applying for a license in another state... For example .. :spin:New York or Florida.:spin:...

    Thank you

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    I can relate to how you feel.... I took my nclex the week of thanksgiving.. and my appetite that is usually their for thanksgiving automatically disappeared.... but have faith.. I walked out of the exam room thinking that I failed... but when I got my results two days after I was the happiest nurse out there.... So relax today... and tomorrow.... So that when you get your results ... You can celebrate....

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    Hello my fellow nurse mate.... I am new to this site and also a new nurse. I took my boards less than a month ago. I am located in the Atlanta area. I have been looking for employment but everywhere is asking for experience. I was wondering if it was because of my level of experience or the holiday season. Do anyone have any feedback on what to do? Thank You