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    Quote from lovinngguds12
    Thank you so much, what scares me the most is the math tests give every semester in nusring school.

    Listen, don't psych yourself out before the fact. You already know math is a weakness for you, we all have them, now you have to work harder on that portion of your schooling. Find some math books, math testing banks and practice until you don't have to look to see if the answer is right, you KNOW the answer is right!

    Remember the nursing math isn't about adding 1/4 cup too much of flour in a baking recipe, it is about medication administration and you want to be 100% sure you are on the money. It takes us all time to get the hang of it, but it will come with practice and more practice.

    GOOD LUCK to you!

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    I just wonder how many states are going to follow in this mess? I hope that none do.... I hope that students in other states take notice of this and MAKE SURE that something like this doesn't happen in their states without them knowing about it.

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    Here is the extended version....As stated above NOW only half the staff has to be a "nurse." Seriously what can someone with a Bachelors or Masters degree in Law or any other degree outside nursing honestly teach nursing students ABOUT nursing?

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    Quote from nurz2be

    Do you have a source for this information? I am curious to see what type of curriculum requirements will be instituted? Regardless of state, for a program to have NLN accreditation, certain educational criteria must be met. While programs do not necessarily have to have accreditation, nurse candidates are not going to be keen to attend such schools.

    The dean of academic affairs is going to send me a copy of what the FBON and DOH has sent the schools so far outlining the exact cuts in curriculum. Luckily my school is NLN accredited, but what about ALL these schools who aren't? It isn't right that the student nurses work their butts off, for what now? Only for it to be blowing up in their faces? Basically for someones, this woman mentioned above that I REFUSE to call a nurse, political ambitions?

    As SOON as I get that from my dean I am going to post it. I did find the Extended version of the "bill" I am going to post it here in a second.

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    Quote from multicollinearity
    Here's the politician who sponsored this bill:

    She's a nurse.

    All I can say is good grief!!!!!

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    [quote=ohmeowzer RN;3691426]i what exactly would the BON be in charge of if this stupid idea goes through?

    The BON is only responsible now for two things

    1... the initial approval of "new" nursing programs in Florida

    2... They are responsible for watching that the NCLEX pass rates of established schools do not fall 10% below the national average...if a school does for,I think it said 1 year, it is placed on some type of probation status through the DOH.

    EVERYTHING else, the DOH is responsible for. Our dean of academic affairs and I had a long talk today, the Chancellor of our school is a very political person here in Florida, and he was taken aback by all of this, as are we all. Our dean said that the information they are receiving from the DOH is stating the "new" program requirements and they are at best "a joke." Almost everything, clinicals, class time, practicum time, time with actual patients versus time on "simulations," is all being cut back tremendously.

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    I'd love to see a paper-trail of donations to politicians in Florida from corporations/individuals associated with private for-profit technical colleges. I would to What was the motivation to lower educational standards and why get rid of the Board of Nursing when the board knows the most about nursing education? This is very fishy.

    Has Charlie Crist already signed the bill into law?[/quote]
    Yes, it was signed UNANIMOUSLY..Not 1 legislator said No.. I don't understand that goes into effect on July 1,2009

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    The fact that established nurses, I know, are upset. They are upset because THEY are the ones who will have to "work with" an already troubled group of people, new graduate nurses. Yes, we know things, but there are WAY more things we don't than do.

    Our patients are in the near future going to be exposed to new graduates who know even less than those of us who have graduated or will graduate soon.

    I don't see who is winning in this WHOLE situation, but it isn't ANYONE it is actively affecting.

    We, the students at my school, had NO IDEA about this. I posted this topic in the Florida section, but like someone said, had we known sooner we could have done something.

    It is INFURIATING to me that just like that, something so significant as this, is just brushed under the rug, so to speak.

    I assure you, the quickest I can get OUT of Florida, I will. I don't want ANY part of a state who shows blatant disregard for such an important profession. I think they might be surprised when nursing students declines, nursing shortage increases, and they have NOTHING to offer to draw in nurses.

    I feel SORRY for the people who need health care here in Florida.....

    What a mess

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    Ugh....I am so angry. I am contacting fellow students in my school, this is some mess.

    The other thing that makes it very curious....I like llg thinks someone got to someone to make all this happen in less than 4 months when it was first proposed, is the fact that when you look at the votes from the house and senate....ALL said YES.....not ONE said NO!!!!!!

    How many nurses are there in Florida and not ONE Senator...listened to them.....

    This makes every fiber in my body upset

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    That is the bill that passed

    I spoke with the Dean of Nursing at our school today...sad conversation. She said the Chancellor of our schools had a long talk with the nursing faculty yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, everyone is really upset. The Dean stated that the State board is now ONLY responsible for New program applicants initial processing and keeping watch over the NCLEX pass rates for schools. The DOH is now in charge of programs, regulations, and they have already sent word to the schools that their requirements are MUCH lower than what the SBON had in place. I cannot tell you the anguish we are going through now. There are only two possible saving graces for my class....1 is that we graduate 20 days after this goes into law and 2 is that our school is NLN accredited so that might pull some weight with other states, we just don't know yet and there is no way to know until we graduate and some of us try to get jobs outside Florida.

    This is SO DISTURBING!

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    Well, they have done it again! The politicians have stepped in and mucked it all UP!

    In Florida HB 1209 goes into affect. This bill NOW takes all but two things regarding nursing programs away from the state board of nursing and places it in the hands of the department of health. Why does this matter you say...WELL they require LESS hours, LESS clinicals, LESS hands on experience, LESS LESS LESS.

    What that could mean for Florida graduates, who graduate after July 1, 2009 when it goes into effect, is that due to these LOWERED standards, when and if we try to apply for licensure in another state, it may very well be declined! So all this money, all this time, and there is a large posibility that we cannot move from Florida if we want to practice nursing.

    Nurses are in an uproar, we as students, already have an overwhelming feeling of "not knowing anything" when we graduate, but to DUMB IT DOWN is an INSULT!

    I am one of those who will graduate after July 1, actually July 21 go figure, and this is horribly disturbing. Why can our voices not be heard? There are millions of nurses yet these yahoos in the political arena make decisions like this that affect so MANY!

    I am outraged..... I am insulted.... I am worried about the future nurses

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    So a friend of mine who attends a different nursing school than I, called me today and said that their instructor read about this new bill that goes in affect July 1, 2009. Her instructor said that the DOH is now "in charge" of keeping track of nursing schools, as opposed to the board of nursing, schools now pay for this (1000 per year), strict guidelines, so on and so on...but the kicker is that she also told her (THis is the part I can't find and makes me curious), is that students who graduate AFTER this bill goes in effect, July 1, 2009, will not be acknowledged in other states!!!!!!!! WHAT.....THE.....HECK.... Those students were told it is some gimmick to keep down on the nursing shortage and "make" nurses stay in Florida who did their schooling here.

    I mean what are they preventing, so we won't pick up and move to a state where there are NEW GRAD jobs, or that we move to a state where the nurses are PAID fairly, or that we don't move to a state where there are stricter guidelines on Nurse to patient ratios?

    I looked up the bill and it has been revised 4 million times...I am no legal mumbo jumbo reader... I found all the stuff except for the not being acknowledged by other states part. Can ANYONE help who understands all this? I called DOH..... no return call....I called Florida Center for Nursing.....No return call.....Called my idea what I was talking about!!!

    Here are the links to the bill.......

    Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!

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    I am going to give you a piece of job advice first, then clinical advice. If this is truly the place you want to work when you are done, consider the time that you are there an extended nursing interview. If you are walking into a hospital as a "tech" you are saying, "I am a potential nurse." You are going to be held at a higher standard with the nurses as you are going to be a colleague. You are also going to be observed by the nurse managers as someone who could be a potential nurse on their staff. So, that being said, always be punctual, do your best not to call off work, do what you say you will, if and when you goof be the first to own up to it, offer yourself to assist the nurses with their work so they see you are eager, ask if you can watch any procedures that are happening on your floor, and get ready for an interesting experience.

    Now, clinical skills, I assure you that as soon as you get in the hospital you are going to remember what to do. You will be assigned a preceptor of sorts, that will make sure you are up to speed on things. Grab a blood pressure cuff and make sure you can still take one accurately. A lot of hospitals have Dynamaps, so maybe you can practice on one. Other than that, each hospital, each floor for that matter tends to do things their own way, so be open to learning new ways to do things you may already know how to do.

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    It is all over Florida, unfortunately. I am in eastern Florida, about 3 hours north of where you are and the job hunt for new grads is as bleak. It is sad, and hard to understand, but several of us are having to move so we can get experience. good luck

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    I honestly don't know how anyone, who is "normal", could go and have to participate in what the troops have to and not be affected. My husband is one who "changed" once he came home from war. My mother said my father was the same way when he came home from Vietnam. He, like my husband, was very vague about what truly happened but there were subtle and not so subtle differences in them both. I think sometimes, I know I have, prayed for physical safety and not really prayed for emotional safety. The things they see and have to do to be safe, or just general orders, is not what most are raised to do, they have to learn it. I think in that learning of raising a gun at someone else to protect yourself or others, seeing others pass in front of you, so many young leaving this world, it makes them cynical. It makes them question their very understanding of "God" and it also makes them change. If you think about all the things they are exposed to, I think our prayers should also include emotional safety, they all need it.

    God bless you and your families for the service they give to each of us. May they each find a way to mend and have peace.