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    Thanks, Everyone. I decided to reschedule for June 6. There were very few days left in June (2 others) and my contract with the hospital says it has to be done by the 28th. That left only the 6th as I work the other two days. It doesn't give me much more time with the week I have coming up, but I just didn't feel good at all about taking it tomorrow.

    I'll let you know how it goes.


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    I am sorry if this has been posted 100 times. I am due to take NCLEX Friday afternoon, so I need to make a decision by tomorrow morning whether to reschedule. I have taken HURST in January and in May, but honestly feel like I haven't retained much of anything from school or Hurst LOL I have taken numerous practice tests from NCLEX 4000, Hurst, and others. I am getting around 70% on these practice tests. I took Kaplan's readiness test tonight and got a 61 (I don't worry too much about this one because Kaplan said I would fail the GRE with a 750 and I got an 1130). I have not had the time to study that I would have liked (or thought I was going to have) and just not sure whether to reschedule. I started my RN job this Monday and if I don't pass, I have to go back to a tech, plus all the expenses of retaking. However, the only other spot open is June 6 and I have a lot going on between now and then between the new job and my daughter's graduation that is June 3. I'm just not sure if the extra time will really give me extra time to study.

    My problem is that I don't know how these practice exams stack up to the real thing. It is comparing apples to oranges because none of them are adaptive like the NCLEX nor give the same picture. Should I hold out another week and get what additional studying I can in or is the 70-75% I'm getting enough to pass?

    Any thoughts/advice, etc would be great.

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    I am having a really hard time deciding which school to attend for my NP. I have been accepted to Vanderbilt, University of MN and University of KY. My plan had been to go to Vandy for my MSN so that I could practice as an NP sooner, but when I got the financial aid letter with the amount of loans I would have to take printed in black and white, it really scared me. I can't decide if the Vanderbilt name is worth that kind of debt. UK and UMN are both DNP programs taking 3 years to complete. Vandy's MSN I can do in 18 months because I'm doing a dual program with Adult/Women's Health. I know that everyone has an opinion, but I would love to hear some perspective on whether a school like Vandy will get me any farther than another school that doesn't cost nearly as much.


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    I'm sorry I didn't get this sooner - was busy graduating from BSN

    I got my financial aid letter yesterday. I'll tell you, the amount of loans I will have to take out really scares me!

    Did you get yours?

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    When I talked to the Financial Aid Director she said they had hoped that the letters would go out the end of this week - so hopefully soon!

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    Got my acceptance letter today for ANP/WHNP!!!!! So excited!!

    I ask the same question about going to Vanderbilt over another school that is much cheaper. I love Vanderbilt - the only thing that would keep me from going is cost. I would love to hear replies

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    The only reason I know Cheryl's name is that we spent so much time emailing back and forth with all my questions as I submitted my app And she gave us a tour when we came down to see the campus. I sure hope they aren't on spring break with the students! I don't think I can stand another week of waiting LOL

    I'll keep you posted. We'll have to have a get together of Vandy students!

    Thanks and again, Congrats!!

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    Thanks, FlowRider! I'll call. I had emailed the day before my friend had received her letter and admissions said that letters would hopefully go out the first of March, but couldn't tell me if I had been accepted yet. I will try to call tomorrow. Were you dealing with Cheryl in admissions?

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I bet you are so excited!

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    Hello! I am graduating in May with my BSN. I have applied to three schools for advanced degrees: Vanderbilt, University of Minnesota and the University of Kentucky. Vandy and UM have many more specialties than UK and I have applied to the Adult/Women's Health NP at both institutions. I loved Vanderbilt when I visited and am very impressed with their program, but wondering if the increased tuition to go there is worth it. It is my top choice, but the tuition amount is much higher than the other two. I am not afraid to take on the debt for my education, but just asking for opinions on whether graduating from a place like Vanderbilt really makes that much difference in getting a good job.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Congratulations, SydneyJo1!! I bet you're excited!

    I applied for the Direct Entry (graduate with BSN in May) and I am watching the mail like a hawk. A classmate of mine found out over a week ago that she got into the Women's Health (part time), so since then I've been really antsy! LOL

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    I'm still waiting to hear from Vanderbilt....trying to be patient LOL I applied for the Adult/Women's Health program.


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    I am about to graduate with my BSN and applying to grad schools. I am trying to decide between a couple of specialities for my NP. I think that the best way I can help make this decision is to try and shadow a nurse practitioner in these areas. Does anyone have any advice as to how to find nurse practitioners who might be willing to let me shadow other than calling them out of the phone book? I don't mind doing that, it just doesn't seem like it would be the most effective.


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    I love my Dansko's for my back, but my heel spurs hurt worse with them - even with an insert. Is there some trick I'm missing?

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    I have a pair of Vibrams and love them for feeling like I'm barefoot, but I bought them after reading quite a bit about them helping plantar faciitis. I found that my heel spurs hurt worse as I wore these - no cushion at all. I wore them almost 6 months before having to stop. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I'm still looking for a good shoe after trying several!

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    It has been a long time since I have posted here, but read as much as I can around school, family and work.

    I have a question regarding a research project I am planning to do this semester. I would like to do a study on nursing students who are considered "non-traditional" (2nd degree, older, mothers, fathers, etc) and some of the differences they face in nursing school. I am working on a questionnaire to be answered by those who are willing to be involved. Is there a good place to put this study online - such as Survey Monkey or something like that? Or is it better completed and either mailed or emailed? Is it kosher to ask for participants on sites like allnurses or allstudentnurses?

    I have done one research project already and presented a poster at the SNRS conference last week as an undergrad. But it was a secondary study to my research professor's dissertation topic. I am fortunate to go to a school that allows undergrads - no encourages them - to be involved in research. I love it - I would just like to do something r/t non-traditional students and how nursing schools can help them face the unique challenges they have.

    Thanks for reading this!