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    Thanks for your reply, Suzanne...
    What have I done here to find work you ask? Actually, quite a lot. I wouldn't have posted my frustrations if I hadn't exhausted most of my options.
    To answer your questions:
    In order to obtain a work visa in Panama, you must have a job offer first, or someone to sponsor you. It's not that simple. And it takes months, even years sometimes, to acquire one. The system here moves very slowly. My husband has been waiting almost 17 months for his work visa, and he was hired by a Panamanian school!!
    I have contacted the few OB-GYN's and Peds here that do speak English and do understand the concept of a Lactation Consultant and what she does. I hae had a scatteringof private clients. THere is no La Leche League group here in Panama either.
    I have met with the Chief Nursing Officer of Panama at the Ministry of Health. She is very interested in me and my role, but has not been forthcoming on anything more. She speaks no English.
    There is a hospital here that is affiliated with John's Hopkins University Medical School. They tell methey want to hire English speaking nurses, but I haven't been able to get past inital meetings and polite conversation. They have my CV, of course.
    There was a nursing position available with the US Embassy here in Panama, but I was told I wasn't eligible because I didn't have a Panamanian work visa!!! And the State Dept doesn't sponsor private citizens. You can only imagine my complete frustration over that one.
    My Spanish is improving, but I'm far from fluent. I take classes on a regular basis, and do the best I can.
    There is one person here in Panama who teaches childbirth and breastfeeding classes. In Spansh. Is there enough of a bilingual pregnant population here to support classes in English? The jury is out. And since I DO NOT have a work visa, I have to be discreet in how much advertising I do. I could get into big trouble if I am "caught".
    I have submitted my resume with UNICEF and WHO here. I have exhausted all of my "personal connections". I am at my wit's end.
    I am now considering travel nursing as a last resort.
    SO, yes, I have actually pursued all of my options here in Panama up to this point. I can push, but just so far. I am in paradise unable to work.....

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    Hi! I am a USA/Georgia RN living in the Republic of Panama where my husband teaches at an International School here in Panama City. To my surprise I am finding it very difficult to find work here in Panama. There is actually a surplus of nurses here. And my specialty is Lactation. I am the only Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the entire country! I live less than a mile from the Latin American HQ of UNICEF and WHO, and cannot get my foor in the door, so to speak....very very frustrating.
    So, I am thinking of exploring the international travel nurse's so good to find this forum. Please keep those posts a'coming!
    Thanks y'all....

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    I am a US nurse now living in the Republic of Panama.....I am finding it very difficult to find work here as a nurse.....they actually have a surplus of nurses here in Panama.....what is particularly frustrating is that I live less than a mile form the regional offices of UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization)....I have submitted resumes, but nothing so far....
    So I am going to try the travel nurse route and see if I can find some work.....I am also a Lactation Consultant with 20 years experience.

    If anybody has any info on nursing jobs in Central America, I would be most interested!