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    I have interview coming up at vanderbilt peripoperative internship program. Anyone have any idea what questions they will ask? I am so nervous. Please give me some shed. Thank you.

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    I have questions regarding working in australia. Iam an international student, currently on OPT working in nursing skilled facility in California. I finish my school in las vegas BSN accelerated nursing program 18 months. Can anyone tell me what is the process to migrate to australia. I have been reading threads new grad filipinos wants to australia/new zealand..but i m still confused. DO i need to take IELTS exam again eventhough i graduated in united state? and also i planned to register under victoria nursing board, should i fill the application initial registration or Full - Migration Skills Assessment Application? Thanks i need clarification for the steps

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    Hi, mom4josh. Can you tell me the specific area that is hiring in the central texas. thank you

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    no..i actually apply for they ask you scenario based question? and do they ask you any meds? You dont have to give me specific..thank you

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    Hi,tcoulter. I want to know how was your interview with Napa State hospital? What do they ask? and i heard they have physical ability test too, was it that hard? i m scared with the Physical test coz i dont exercise usually so i am really scared? Can you please tell me more about it..thank you

  • 0 be honest i need a roomate too. i will be moving from california. Maybe we can be a roomate . Can you give your email address to me..maybe we can talk private there.

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    They asked about:Communication, leadership,motivation, team-Skills, problem-Solving Skills, professionalism, compassion.
    Example questions ( as far as i remember)
    If one of you group members dont go along well, how do you handle it?

    how do you describe yourself?
    what are the subject you dont like most when doing your pre-req?
    how communication is important for nursing major?
    how do you describe yourself as being compassion?

    this is not all , i cant remember the rest. ( but before you are being interviewed, you will be asking to write a paragraph in grammatically correct form for15 minutes ) For my question, they asked me if you see one of your friends cheating during an exam, what will you do?

    i hope this help.

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    my gpa is 3.4 and i still have one college algebra left which iam taking it right now.You dont have to worry much about GPA. As long as it is about 3.0, i think you will be fine.The program will start on august 20.

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    yes, i got accepted to usn and i have to pay 250 to reserve a seat in the class. this 250 is applicable to your 1st year tuition. i actually got accepted at community college in california after a year of waiting but i think it's worthwhile because the title will be in BSN. The reason i do not apply other state school is because the wait. The waitlist is so long wherever you go,besides i am an international student and the fee is not much different than the regular one. During the interview in USN, you will be asking about communication, leadership, compassion, problem-solving skill, motivation. I guess you dont have any problem with the interview because i asked one of the professors that so far they accept all the students.

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    i went to usn for interview on march 15 and my impression about this school is good. I love the school. the staffs are friendly and helpful. Although this school is still provisional accredited, i am confident that this school will get accredited.