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    Quote from elprup
    Wish we had found this before the 1st. Then we may have been able to get this to be a nation-wide vigil. That said, it is a good idea, perhaps if we can get enough people interested we could schedule another for sometime in August or September?

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    I agree with theVaway, it can't hurt for you to talk to someone from employee services. Sometimes even a Nurse can suffer from Post-Tramatic Stress Syndrome due to the happenings in her life. Huggs and hope you get this under control soon.

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    I firmly believe that we do not pass from this life until we complete the task we were given. It could be as simple as just meeting someone to something as complex as discovering a life-saving drug. We never know what our task was until we get to heaven and the Lord tells us. But, until that task is completed, the good Lord does not let us leave this planet. Just keep her as comfortable as you can. We can keep our hands on our patients right shoulder, but, if the Lord keeps His on the left we have no power over the outcome.

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    It takes a minute to run pain meds down to a patient, I'd stop and do it. I agree that unless your new patient is not stable this is the best way to go. However, if you are send an unstable patient from the hospital, I'd send them right back lickity split! I'm not sure why this is happening, but lately we have been recieving patients from the hospital running high fevers, dangerously high BPs, resp. distress, you name it. Is it because the ins, companies don't want to pay for more hospital time? Or are the Nurses at the hospital not being told of these problems by the staff taking VS??

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    WOW! I'm spoiled where I work! We have 1 RN & 1 LPN on 1st & 2nd shift and a Treatment Nurse during the 1st shift, we also have scheduled 5 CNAs (and pray no one calls out) for 50 patients. The night shift has 1 LPN and 2 CNAs. Since there are only 2 or 3 dressing changes required on 2nd shift it's very do-able, most other treatments are neb, treatments or creams & powders. That being said, another CNA and someone at the desk to answer the phones, take orders & write them up, follow up on labs, answer family calls would be a blessing.

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    I think the attitude all goes back to the days when the woman stayed home, cleaned thier house in heels & pearls, made snacks for thier kids when they came home from school. Todays woman is NOT religated to that life. Our options for work and play are so varied now. We can marry - or not, have kids - or not, play sports that were always considered a male thing, join the Military and fight for our country. We have gone so far beyond the "June Cleaver" woman, I don't think going back is possible. I love cooking, crocheting and sewing, but I also love hunting, fishing, playing golf. We no longer need to have a husband to define who we are, and with the world population climbing the way it is, I think knowing that kids are not for you is a great thing. I have 4 sisters, 2 have "Mom genes" in overdrive (want to mother every kid they see), 1 who loves her single child (and says thats enough) and 1 who chose not to have kids at all. I love kids, I have 2, I have many of thier friends who call me Mom, do I want to work L&D? No! Maybe it was my experience during clinicals there (assigned to a family with a child born with a very poor outcome). I don't know, I'd rather take care of the eldery.

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    Quote from chuckz
    Thank you so much folks, but like I said, Ben is an amazing kid in his own right, without my input. Last summer at the gym I bought him a water blaster to play with at the gym pool. It was the first day he got it and he was so excited. When other kids saw the fun he was having, they came up and wanted to play. My son let them play with it for about 45min without touching it. He wasn't being bullied nor did anybody take it from him, he just allowed them to play with it and splashed about. I asked him about it later and he actually told me, "I had fun seeing everybody have fun, plus I get to take the water gun home."

    It's funny because I never wanted kids like some of you. I was/am selfish with my time and I always said I won't have a child. Ben came and my life changed. There has not been one day.....NOT ONE DAY that I have thought that this day with him wasn't better than the day before. I don't believe in children being an emotional crutch for the parents. I think I have to be there for him to show him right and wrong and how to be a good person.

    Never had a dad or mother around too much. I was raised by my Grandfather and he showed me that a man can be tough (He was a pro boxer and a Russian farm boy) and still be thoughtful, generous and kind. I am a competitive powerlifter and am not a small dude, most of my patient's think I am security.....but I always try and be kind and compassionate. It's a lesson my grandfather taught me and now I teach my son. My grandfather lives through Ben.

    Ok....waaaaaaay too much insight I know, but I just want people to get a sense of the importance of this little boy to me. Thank you for listening and all your kind words about him....I appreciate it very much....I also appreciate people thinking I am a a good dad, that makes me feel better than anything anybody could ever say. Thank you again.
    No, not way to much insight. Our children are our future, when we are gone, all that will be left is a tiny bit of DNA (future generations) and a few memories. I think it's wonderful that your Grandfater taught you so much and that you are teaching it to your son. That your son is such a caring person is a memorial to your Grandfather and a major accomplishment to yourself.

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    Quote from chicookie
    I play video games. Halo Reach being one of my favorites. Nothing says de-stress like blowing up random people or close friends.
    If I don't feel relaxed after that I play Just Dance.
    Outside and I don't mix. LOL
    I agree, but, I play WoW (World of Warcraft). It's so relaxing sending my saber tooth cat out to kill something, oh, and I'm hitting them with arrows.

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    You got my vote, those are all the things I would ask for! The only thing I would add is (I want to be the President of the USA);
    1. Make the Gov't smaller by half
    2. Open off shore drilling to US Companies to make us more self reliant
    3. Dump the HealthCare Bill
    4. Require all people on Welfare to take drug tests in order to recieve a check
    5.Close the Border between the US & Mexico and put the National Guard in charge of watching it
    6. Give a raise to the Men & Women serving in the Armed Forces
    7. Pay Congress & the Senate for what they do not just cause thier are there
    8. Dump the current tax laws and put in place a flat tax for everyone
    9. No more pensions for Congress or the Senate we don't get them why should they?
    10. Pass a law making it impossible to make deals to pass laws

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    Quote from onlyj
    I work part-time as a patient safety attendant. We sit with patients who are suicidal, confused, depressed, fall risk, etc. I know we literally "sit" at times, but it is still a job and I took this job to help me during nursing school. I work at different floors all the time. One shift, I overheard the nurse say that all she does is watch the tv. I was with a patient who was a fall risk at a cancer floor. He had the news channel on even from the night before and when I asked him if he wanted me to turn it off, he said no, he likes that channel. He slept most of the time while I was there, so since the tv was in front of me, I saw it at times. At another shift, the nursing assistant told the nurses in behind the counter where they sit in front of the computers that she was going to relieve me for lunch, and they said,"go relieve her from her chair and giggled." I just went on my break, but I was very offended. I know we can't do much, but it is still a job, and if the nurses think it's so worthless, why call the sitters to sit with the patients?
    I've done that job. Yes you have days when you are just sitting there staring at the walls. And then you have the other type of days!! All H E double toothpicks breaks out and you are all alone in the room with a hyperactive person bent on escape and the Nurses on the floor suddenly have someplace (anyplace) else to be. And yes I did that during my schooling too, the good days were great for studing, the bad ones... not so much!

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    I would point out to her (nicely) that; Although I love working for her company, I noticed that they don't usually hire new grads. I stand a better chance at being hired full time at the new place, I just wish this company hired more new grads. I need to think of my future employment and financial benefits.

    (Which is exactly what the company is doing by using new grads but never hiring them, basically guarenteeing themselves a steady stream of employees at a lower cost thus increasing thier profits.) As for her waitting to put you on the schedule, she'll probably give you the worst hours she can find. I'd let the new place know your schedule opened up. And you have the new company as a reference, so, you don't really need to use her personally. But I would be concerned as she seems to be upset enough to fire you rather than let you finish your time.

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    Quote from Chin up
    Confession, I have over a billion pens in my possession, most have come from folks like you. I am a pen thief. I don't do it on purpose... If you send your name and address, I will share the wealth. Peace!
    Chin up, you have come out of the closet!! I'm so proud of you! Now you need to work on the thievery. And as much as I like you... Keep Away From My Pens!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from ruby vee
    i must be missing something.

    i buy my own pens and either hook them over my badge lanyard or keep them in my pocket. when i had a pony tail or a bun, i'd end up with one or two pens sticking through the hair . . . good place to keep them! i keep track of them, rarely lose one, and don't understand the big deal. pens are cheap. buy your own . . . you can even order them with your name imprinted on them. you'd still have to keep track of them, but at least when someone else picked up the one you were using, you'd be able to prove it was yours.
    obviously you are not addicted to pens!! looking for the perfect pen is a lesson each nurse learns. it must fit comfortably in your hand, must prevent hand cramping when charting and be the correct color. on occasion you find this perfect pen, when you do it's a fight to ensure it is never "borrowed" as it will probably never be returned. i personally carry 2 of my favorite pens (kept in my pockets), and a box of "give away" pens for those who never seem to have thier own. i have often seen others staring at my favorite pens as i write, i know they will take them if left unguarded. beware the pen thiefs!! they are out there and are coming for yours!!!!!

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    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    gentlegiver, JRP1120, elprup---------YOU GUYS ROCK! A MILLION KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!up::rckn:
    You are supposed to read it and make changes, it's a very basic rough draft. But, Thank You!

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    to whom this may concern;
    we am sending this letter to ask for your help in a very crucial matter. we are nurses, we work in hospitals, long term care, clinics, dr’s offices and every where else nursing skills are needed. we have heard all about the nursing shortage we are supposedily in. and yet we see many of our sister & brother nurses unable to locate employment. we also see severe understaffing in many areas such as long term care where the nurse to patient ratio is between 25:1 up to 30:1.
    please consider this: an eight (8) hour shift = 480 minutes
    starting shift changeover 30minutes =

    30 minutes

    lunch - thirty (30) minutes =

    30 minutes

    two (2) breaks at fifteen (15) minutes each =

    30 minutes

    time spent on required charting and other paperwork ( 1 hour minimum) =

    60 minutes

    time spent calling dr’s, answering phones, writing orders (45 minutes)=

    45 minutes

    time spent feeding or toileting patients (2 hours)=

    120 minutes

    time spent on medication pass (2 passes @ 2hours each)=

    240 minutes

    time spent on treatments (1 hours)=

    90 minutes

    time spent on assessments (1 hour)=

    60 minutes

    ending shift changeover= 30 minutes

    30 minutes

    the total time spent on the unit = 675 minutes , this equals 11 1/4 hours work to be accomplished in an 8 hour shift. keep in mind this timeline does not address the time spent giving prn (patient requested) medication requests, sending patients out to appointments, and answering the phones to give updates to families, questions from the pharmacy, finding and giving additional information to dr.s, and answering callbells, admissions or discharges, and if a patient becomes seriously ill and requires additional 1 on 1 time with the nurse. this is unsafe for both the patient and the nurse. in our rush to accomplish all the work alloted to us, mistakes are made and things overlooked.

    we rarely take our breaks or lunch, we punch out to complete paperwork on our own time because management doesn’t want us working over our scheduled 8 hour shift. indeed we are often “spoken to” if the work is not completed in 8 hours. we have had our persons, property and licences threatened by patients and their families and had management ask what we did to cause it.

    in the landscape of modern day healthcare the profession of nursing has been marginalized. merriam-webster defines marginalization as " to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group". we are powerless over unsafe staffing, administrative dictates, abusive patients and family members, dysfunctional hierarchies and the right to a work environment supportive of basic human needs and free from harassment.
    we, as a profession are asking for your help. we want to be able to preform quality care for all those placed in our care. there has to be changes made, better staffing to start with.

    this is a start, please make changes as needed and post changes so we can all see them.