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    I work LTC, I rarely have braces (other than wrist ones) to apply on patients. That said, I did have a new patient come in with a brace for his leg that had more straps and pieces than you would have thought possible. None of us had the smallest idea of how the darn thing went on. The DON finally called the hospital and one of thier staff agreed to stop in to teach us on her way home. Needless to say, she was smerking and trying not to laugh at the mess we made in trying to put the darn thing on (we didn't take offense as once she showed us the correct way we all were laughing at ourselves). It didn't make us "bad" Nurses, just good Nurses who were untrained in new technology.

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    All I can say is "no narc count? - no taking the keys - no taking the floor" Always insist on counting, it will save your behind (and your licence)!

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    From Hubby retired EMT/Firefighter:
    Man calls at 3AM: theres a big blue flame in my window
    dispatch: is it a fire?
    Man: NO! its a big blue flame
    dispatch: is that a jet passing over your house I hear?
    man: yes I live at the end of a runway.

    Big blue flame was reflection of afterburner during take-off

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    Please, just go to sleep:
    1.) it's 3AM, the kitchen is closed, yes we have snacks on the unit, but, you are on a mechanical soft diet and cookies, gramcrackers, and toast are not in it. Maybe if you had eaten your supper you wouldn't be driving me crazy looking for food!
    2.) I assure you your son/daughter/family member is Not on thier way to pick you up at this time.
    3.) No the light you see is the hall light so I don't kill myself tripping over all the stuff you have loaded into this little room, it is not the sunrise.
    4.) yelling "help" just to see if we are awake is not very nice, you woke up your roommates and the people in the rooms surrounding yours for nothing!

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    We noticed the delusions started shortly after starting a new medication. We had the medication discontinued, but, it's been a couple weeks and they are still happening, tho not as often. All other tests are wnl, he was only on the new med for a couple days. Could the med have caused a permanent problem for him? By the way his delusions are kinda cute, they are about going on a trip with staff or about his wife & him going somewhere (she passed 10 yrs ago). They seem to be peaceful and happy for him.

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    I have a question about delusions. I have a patient who recently began having delusions, (we believe it started due to a new med now stopped). His delusions were extremely detailed and would last thru 2 or more shifts. Is this common? I know very little about delusions, I do know his are not dangerous to himself or others. Can someone give me a quick idea about length of time, how often they occur, and whether or not I should try to orient him.

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    I have to agree, I would STRESS to him and his wife that this can become very dangerous very quickly. That this person looked up his record to get his number means that she has been following his chart for a while as she built up her courage to call him. She knows he is married (that is in his chart I'm sure), she obviously saw him in the office that day With His Wife and chose to call anyway. She has access to all his medical, insurance and personal information.
    He should not be worried about getting her into trouble, she did that herself!

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    Quote from mama_d
    Clearly the Dark Elves are the enforcers who go "convince" the obnoxious docs to play nice with the nurses...the dragons are to eat all the upper mgmt who push Press Ganey at the expense of pt safety (gotta have a tie in to original post after all), the hobbits run dietary, and the wizards work in central supply (which is why all the equipment that functions properly is always disappearing).
    And baseball is how you deliver the meds to the patients w/o leaving the charting station!

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    On the few occasions when I ran across someone I knew outside of work, I simply asked them how they felt about me taking care of them. I assured them I would not be upset if they chose not to have me care for them. I've only had 1 ask me not to care for them, no problem on my account, still friends and can't see that ending anytime soon. It's not about my comfort level, it's about thiers.

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    Quote from mindlor
    I have a degree in management and tons of management experience, as soon as possible it is my goal to become a nurse manager and guess what, It is going to my mission in life to bring customer service back to nursing care. Remember the customer? Yes, the one in the bed, yes, thats right, the patient.
    I (and I'm sure alot of other Nurses) would rather you bring back Nursing! I did not go to school, study my heart out, to smile and ask if the "customer" would care for a latte. I spend to much time already not doing what I was trained to do. Perhaps you would be happier as a manager at the Holiday Inn?

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    The LTC I worked at when I first got licenced tried this. They insisted we had to have white tops & light blue pants. We weren't thrilled but went along with it as we really didn't have a choise. Our uniforms came in, and immediately a new order came out that we could Not wear tank tops under our uniforms. I put my tank top in my work bag, and put on a sweater to get me to work. Once I got to work, I walked into the DONs office and informed her I would not, absolutely refused to wear the tops w/o a tank under it. I removed my sweater and she discovered that the company had made the tops out of the cheapest and thinest material they could find. Nothing was left to the imagination! She ordered everyone to wear tank tops under thier uniforms until she could get the dress code changed.

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    Quote from roser13
    That should be 'their' and 'license.'

    OOPS!! My bad, I always get that whole "I" before "E" thing mixed up . Thanks for the correction.

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    if you passed the NCLEX, then surely you would have better spelling skills, to say nothing of understanding that no Nurse is going to show you thier licence.

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    I would have stuck with optomalogy, same pay but less stress.

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    I have facebook acct., my daughter set it up as a way for us to pass pics of the grandsons. I rarely write anything on it, I have friends who can go on and write if they want, but, mostly it's just for pics. Never wrote/write anything personal I didn't want the rest of the world to know about. And NEVER have or will write anything about work other than sympathy to co-workers (past & present) for losses or congrats for birthdays, births, graduations etc... Face book is usefull if you keep in mind that it is like the old fashion newspapers, what you tell them, you tell the world.