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    for those of you who say you arent going to get your daughters the gardisil vaccine (for hpv) since you say it is preventable: first of all men cannot be tested for hpv, so there will be no way to know if your partner has it. second of all, you dont have to have sex to get it, hpv is a virus that is shed from the skin. all you need to do is have skin to skin contact, you dont have to go "all the way" to get it, and condoms, while a good barrier for other stds, will not protect you from this. who knows what your child is going to do, who knows what their partner will do. you dont have to be promiscuous to get hpv, most people will come in contact with the virus and have no symptoms, others are not so lucky and will develop warts, or worse precancerous changes in the cervix.
    i was just begining to get the series of shots when i found i have the cervical cancer causing hpv type. i am in a long term commited relationship. there is no way to trace where i got it since the incubation period is so long. i had the procedure to remove the portion of my cervix that was affected. now i only wish that i could have been vaccinated before i ever had sex. it is a scary prospect to think about getting cancer or having my chances of having children gone at such a young age. and i am so lucky i went in for my yearly appointment and they caught this in time.
    so the introduction of this vaccine makes me hopeful that someday no other girl will have to go through the pain of having this. it is embarrassing to have an std. especially when you arent in a "high risk group". it is an invasive thing to have someone cut out a part of you. and there are so many women out there who end up with much worse than me, i know. so i just really wish this stigma of giving a child a vaccination for an std would wear off, you are vaccinating against cancer. it is not saying it is ok for them to sleep around, there are other consequences to sex besides hpv. it is just trying to protect them.

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    you missed the whole point of what i was saying. no, i wasnt talking about the people in other countries. i was talking about america. those other countries dont even have the same kind of government as we do.

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    how can health care be a right? health care is a rescource, it is limited by the number of people willing to go to school get and education and provide it, it is a service provided by other people, and there is only so much to go around. whether or not you think that everyone is "entitled" to health care or not, you can't argue the fact that there are only so many doctors and nurses and other health care professionals to go around. havent you heard about the nursing shortage? even if you give everyone a universal health care system, you still have to have the people to provide them that health care. so what if there aren't enough of those people to go around, and you are the one who ends up waiting months for your free health care? or if you are the nurse who takes a pay cut because you are now helping to fund this "free" health care that everyone has a right to? it is sad that there are people that work hard and have bad insurance and cant get a break, but that is life, and everything is not fair. that is the choice you make when you live in a capitalistic society. you have both the opportunity to succeed or fail. some have to work a lot harder to succeed. there is a place for people that want free health care and who want uncle sam to take care of them. its called the military. all the free health care the government thinks you should get. you get paid no matter how much or how little you work. unless you royally screw up, it is pretty hard to get kicked out.

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    you could take the english comp without essay, and there is analyzing/interpereting literature, you only have to read the lit in the test, it doesnt really require specific reading before the test, you could test out of bio, there is a art/humanities clep test. you could go to the clep test website and look at the tests offered and then go to your schools website and see which ones they will accept

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    i have a lot of experience with shift switching since i am in the military and i get stuck on night shifts, evening shifts, and day shifts with no set schedule every single week, so my best advice for staying awake all night long and then having to drive home in the morning is caffiene. that is the only thing that works for me. i get the rockstar diet energy drinks they only have 20cals for 16 oz and i drink it slowly throughout the night and it will keep me awake for the entire 12 hour shift, then i drink the rest about an hour before i have to drive home.