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    Quote from herring_RN
    Interesting discussion between two economists. You can read, listen, or see the video from this mornings TV.
    Robert Kuttner has it right. Obama needs to stop pussyfooting it around the Republicans, bipartisanship has only hurt this stimulus bill. Go to the people , plead his case, work within your own party. The Republicans are defunct and will only slow down the recovery. Nationalize the banks, fire the CEOs, like the Brits are doing.

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    Quote from Jolie
    Seems that Michelle Obama shares your sentiment. Or at least she did when it was George Bush proposing a moderate amount of cash as a stimulus:

    Michelle Obama sought to discredit the Economic Stimulus Checks that Americans are receiving by suggesting that they don't do any real good for families...

    "You're getting $600 - what can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn't pay down every bill every month," she said. "The short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good, and it may even feel good that first month when you get that check, and then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings."
    I agree with Michelle, and I agree that the tax cuts that only help out a family to the tune of $8 to 14 a month is ridiculous. THAT could've been left out of the bill entirely and that money used toward further creating jobs, but the tax cut only mantra of the conservative ideology is defunct, didn't work during the Bush years, why have we heard so much of this same old chant during the House and Senate debates of this bill. I've been listening to hours of it, for days and days.

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    Quote from TraumaNurse07
    I'm sure the Republicans can think for themselves without Rush's influence. I didn't agree with the bill, but hey, que sera sera. We will see if it works. I figure I get about a 8 dollar a week tax cut. How is that suppose to help?
    There are A LOT more positive items in that bill, besides that measly $8 or 14 bucks a week in tax cuts.The bill isn't perfect, but it is far better than the one sided policies that were perpetuated during the Bush years. Those years are over and done with and almost brought this country to disaster. Republicans are having a hard time letting go of all those tried and FAILED policies.Why cling to ideologies that have been proven to NOT WORK? "Evidence based" , have we heard that term before?

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    Quote from jolie
    as licensed health care professionals, we are legally and professionally bound to obtain informed consent from our patients before subjecting them to procedures.

    the congressional equivalent of informed consent is for legislators to read a bill in its entirety and understand its contents prior to voting on it.

    why is the senate leadership insisting on pushing the stimulus bill to a vote when it appears that not one senator has had time to read and understand the final bill? does that not constitute congressional malpractice?

    washington – senate majority leader harry reid predicted friday that congress will finish its work on a massive, $787 billion economic stimulus plan, possibly by day's end, giving president barack obama a big victory.

    speaking as debate resumed on capitol hill, the nevada democrat said the senate would likely vote on the package of spending and tax cuts later in the day and that the finished product could be sent to obama's desk soon thereafter....

    the 1,071 page measure — eight inches thick — was posted on an overburdened congressional web site late thursday, giving lawmakers just a few overnight hours to read it before debate resumed in both the house and senate friday morning. just on tuesday, the house voted unanimously to recommend that lawmakers and the public have at least 48 hours to read the legislation before a vote....
    jolie. i think it is problematic that the house and senate did not have the finished bill in their hands before midnight. i wish it would've gotten there sooner. i hope in the future there will be the transparency that president obama promised. the bill is supposed to be online at the website made especially for this purpose for five days before voting takes place. but, in the case of this bill, it was overwhelmingly evident that the house and senate republicans were not going to vote for this bill, no matter what. so why delay the passage of the bill at the expense of the americans that are daily being unemployed by the thousands? they filibustered in the house just to be obstructionist.

    rush limbaugh the "head" of the republican party gave instructions to his minions in the house and the senate and they are doing his bidding. many conservatives of this country have chosen to continue to buy the bilge that limbaugh spews, now it appears the republican leaders of this country are doing the same. i really think until the time that these republican folks in the house and the senate start thinking for themselves again, we as democrats and the majority should ignore them. we don't need their votes and if they continue to behave in this obstructionist limbaugh-ish manner, they don't deserve to be included in decision making. for now i think bipartisanship is gasping its last breath. president obama tried but his attempts to include the republicans was spurned. so be it. to heck with republican obstructionism. democrats will take the blame and the kudos one way or the other, its called being responsible.

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    And to make matters worse Rush Limbaugh is using scare tactics to make his his followers think their health care will be rationed with a provision in the Stimulus Bill.

    Ridiculous, right?. But that has not stopped the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Senator Coburn, a former Lt. Governor of New York and miscellaneous right wing radio talk show hosts and Fox News from making some outrageous charges about two relatively benign and wonky features of the Stimulus Bill: 1) Funding for modernization of health care information and 2) Funding to do research into what medical treatments work and what do not.
    It may have started with an article by Betsy McCaughey, a former Lt. Governor of New York, known for her ability to take things out of context, who claimed that the Stimulus Bill was going to force doctors to do what the federal government tells them to do in terms of treatment. She conflates the two provisions of the bill -- health information and research on what works. And her war cry has been picked up by the right wing in a hysterical way -- Trouble in River City and that starts with T and that rhymes with G -- GROSS DISTORTION.
    What are the facts? Does anyone care about the facts? They are simple. This so-called Federal Health IT Coordinator was actually established by President Bush in 2004. His office is not a new bureaucracy. It was a Republican idea. And the money in the Stimulus Bill expands that activity to help hospitals and doctors around the country turn their paper records into electronic ones.
    Q: Can the government use the results of this research to tell me, or my doctor, what tests and treatments I can or cannot have? A: Absolutely not. In fact, the Senate bill specifically prohibits the government from making any coverage decisions based on this research, or even from issuing guidelines that would suggest how to interpret the research results. The sole aim is to disseminate the results of the research to the public, so that patients and their doctors can make the best decisions for their specific situations, together.
    Q: Will this bill allow the government to apply the results of comparative effectiveness research to deny me end-of-life care or medicines that I choose? A: Absolutely not. In fact, the Senate bill specifically prohibits the government from making any coverage decisions based on this research, or even from issuing guidelines that would suggest how to interpret the research results. The sole aim is to disseminate the results of the research to the public, so that patients and their doctors can make the best decisions for their specific situations, together.
    I can only imagine what misinformation and scare tactics will be employed the closer we get to real health care reform.

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    Me too, prayers are most definitely needed. So many being affected by this quasi depression. I have a loose acquaintance that left a suicide note on his front door telling the mailman he just commuted suicide and to call the police and humane society to take care of his dog. He was addicted to some substance, but always held a job, was laid off, couldn't get another job, couldn't get into treatment, and was so distraught he hung himself with a towing chain.

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    There IS truth to your and my observation, I guess we all want what is best for this country( at least I hope we do) time will tell if our new Prez's plan will work, we better hope to heck it does. Unlike Rush I HOPE he succeeds.

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    Medicare may have it's problems, but it is far better than a free clinic. I must buy a supplemental policy that costs me $150. a month for the deductibles, but even this is a better alternative to no coverage. If everyone paid that $150. a month to a government run Medicare program and cut out the private health insurers we could expand Medicare to cover everyone.

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    Oh here is the answer to my question. Still in the courts, yikes.

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    Hi Viking and Herring! So glad that Franken won. I met a lady from Mapleton, MN. on line that was a delegate to Frankin's Convention. Is it finally all over now or is it still in the courts?

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    Hi Leslie, well I guess it just never changes, sometimes there is no convincing those who have their minds made up. I guess we all will have to wait for RESULTS.

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    Hi Elvish, nice being here! Forgot what nice folks hung out here.:1luvu:

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    Maybe president Obama needs better slogans to get his message across, some folks just don't have the patience to listen to well thought out longish answers, sound bites is what we need!

    Bumper-sticker politics

    Obama has the answers, what he needs are the right slogans

    Obama is obviously benefiting from his daily economics tutorial with Larry Summers and Jared Bernstein. But he's failed by another measure. By speaking in complete paragraphs with nuanced thinking, he hasn't given the American people what they crave: The short answer.
    I'm not saying people are too stupid or lazy to follow Obama's logic. I'm saying that they need symbols to help them organize their thinking about complex issues.

    Instead of saying: "Most economists almost unanimously recognize that, even if philosophically you're wary of government intervening in the economy, when you have the kind of problem we have right now -- what started on Wall Street, goes to Main Street, suddenly businesses can't get credit, they start paring back their investment, they start laying off workers, workers start pulling back in terms of spending -- that, when you have that situation, that government is an important element of introducing some additional demand into the economy."
    Why not say: "Put America back to work."

    Instead of saying: "I visited a school down in South Carolina that was built in the 1850s. Kids are still learning in that school, as best they can. It's right next to a railroad. And when the train runs by, the whole building shakes and the teacher has to stop teaching for a while. The auditorium is completely broken down; they can't use it. So why wouldn't we want to build state-of-the-art schools with science labs that are teaching our kids the skills they need for the 21st century, that will enhance our economy, and, by the way, right now, will create jobs?"
    Why not say: "Rebuild America."

    Geithner's problem
    If Obama's is too verbose, his Treasury secretary has the opposite problem. The main criticism of Tim Geithner's plan to get credit flowing through the economy was that he didn't give enough details. Geithner's plan was long on acronyms, but short on specifics.
    How about this, Tim: "Just Fix the Damn Thing."

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    Oh lord! Hi Viking, how ya been? You too Herring, missed you folks.You three Leslie.

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    Hi, its been a long time since I was here last. My Navy daughter Becky is still at Great Lakes, a Corps School Instructor. I am now a grandma of three, my latest little granddaughter Ava was born Feb 3.