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    LTC nursing has gone down the tubes over the years, with the large corporations, money is always the bottom line, sorry your dream job ended up a nightmare, seems that is the way it is going everywhere in LTC.

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    To all who died in past and present wars, may you rest in peace.

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    To all who died in past and present wars , may you rest in peace.

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    Is McCain "fit" how many of his staff were and are lobbyists, how many just left his campaign due to their associations?

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    McCain voted against the bill because he is pandering to the right, he needs their votes.Shame on him, especially since he IS a veteran, his son is in the military, but then again, his wife is independently wealthy and HIS son may not NEED the Tuition money.

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    Steph, I dont mean to say that ALL people who do not have anyone in the Military are more likely to be pro war, BUT it really rubs me the wrong way when I hear folks with children the same age as mine be SO , pro staying in Iraq, which in my opinion is and was an unesessary war and took young lives unesessarily, DOES not mean those lives were not precious, on the contrary on this Memorial Day when seeing the media pieces on the TV about those individuals whose lives were lost and how it impacted their families, it truly becomes very personal.

    I can only imagine what Marla,feels, especially not agreeing with this war.My cousin, pro staying in Iraq (with two young men of my daughters age, not in the military) once said to me ,when I told him the troops were getting weary of repeat deployments and how hard it was on the families , "they shouldv'e expected that, they joined didn't they?" Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives in the military are human .They are being killed, brain damaged, maimed physically and mentally, for what, for OIL as McCain said not too long ago in a speech?

    If this war were one in which we HAD to fight , it would be easier to come to terms with.Despite my own personal feelings, those in favor of staying in this war have the right to voice their opinions and if I get "bitter" about it, please excuse me.

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    I did not say or believe McCain is a monster, he is a war hero and a Senator.His 100 years statement is neither here nor there, he will keep the troops in Iraq as long as he believes they are needed there. I disagree with his stance in Iraq, doesn't mean I don't respect him . It is easier for a parent who does not have a child in the military to just swallow whatever ANY politician has to say about war.

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    Just think how many nice young folks they can sacrifice in McCain's original 100 years scenario.

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    Leslie,Well thank goodness she's no going through boot camp in winter, when its flu will be hard because of the heat, but they are pretty strict about staying hydrated. if she has these same symptoms in Boot Camp, I would have her ask for H Pylori test.

    Zoe, I bet he is glad he is done with basic training , it is hard to take that summer heat.

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    Quote from earle58
    arwen, what a wonderful picture!
    i have a feeling your brother is ds's hero.:redpinkhe

    well, here's a partial update.
    tiff has been extremely sick and won't be leaving til at least next thursday.
    what i perceived to be ibs symptoms, is now a bacterial infection.
    she's been having extreme abd pain w/profuse bloody, watery diarrhea, w/temp.
    brought her to the doctor's this am, then had to drop off a urine and stool sample.
    doctor told me that it will take 3-7 days to get results of stool, but that she feels it is bacterial vs viral.
    dang, i mean, she is really sick and looks like death warmed over.
    doc said no to ulcer, h pylori and doubts parasitic...
    and if she's this ill tomorrow, i need to call doc back.
    i'm thinking she may even be hospitalized.
    so...recruiter aware and delayed it til thursday.
    right now we can only play it by ear.

    you know my girl is sick when she lets her mom hold her, rock her, caress her...
    anyways, one day at a time...
    that's all we can do now.

    OMG! Where have I been, I missed this post.Make SURE the doc does the H Pylori test, a blood test, my daughter( not Becky) just finished two weeks worth of ABTs , cause she did have the H Pylori , found in the blood test.She had the bloody diarrhea and stomach pain way up high under the ribcage.

    Thank God this happened before she left for Boot Camp!I hope its just a virus or bacteria, and that she is on the mend FAST, poor kid, but better to have this BEFORE Boot Camp!

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    So now the US will be spending tax dollars to feed these people in prison for 5 months, smart.

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    I used to like Hillary, until I got to know more about her, I used to dislike Obama, until I got to know more about him.Im sad that she probably has ruined her chance for the VP slot.

    Somebody actually had a thread about why Hillary should not be VP and the inference was that Obama may be at risk if that would happen. I will try to find that thread.

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    Keith Olberman says it in his own unique style.In two parts, he has a lot to say.

    Anybody remember Mike Huckabee's joke at the NRA convention recently?
    "He's getting ready to speak," Huckabee went on, seizing the moment, "And somebody aimed a gun at him and he - he dove to the floor." A few faint murmurs from the dead crowd drowned out a spotlight usually headlined by crickets and pin drops.
    I think a lot of folks are on edge about these types of statements because of the threats by crazies and fringe groups out there at the possibility of the first black president.Sad that our society hasn't progressed beyond this.

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    Something smells fishy here, why are we talking about fish?Oh well, what the heck?

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    Quote from porcelina
    that instructor was me. I was evaluated by my boss and she stated it was inappropriate for me to discuss the death of my 2 sons. I just mentioned that I had lost one at 6 weeks to SIDS and my other son was 17 and died in a car accident. Boss told me I was wrong in bringing that up in the class.

    I was hurt to say the least.
    Your boss was wrong .