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    I agree that there is too much on the news about this. However even if there were no news about this he knows that we are already there! Why do you think that he lifted or is talking about lifting the oil embargo? Why do you think that some of his troups are defecting.

    He needs to be taken out and should have ben along time ago. The conflict between Palestine and Israel cannot interfere with what we need to do. If we waite for that conflict to be over we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives and then some.

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    I'm not sure where you are getting you information from! All prisoners have not been released (regarding the England/Ireland conflict) In fact there are still IRA members imprisioned in the US as are they in GB.

    I'm not sure if all 1200 detainees have been released, let's hope so, of course after complete investigation! Not that I advocate detaining with out proper cause, however since our INS does not do it's job investigations need to be done. I certianly hope that we do not see a repeat of WWII where we'd imprison all Arabs just for being Arabs as we did with the Japanese Americans!

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    blair, now there's a frightning person, he needs to take care of his own problems at home speaking of Terrorism!
    allow Ireand to unite once again and and get england the Hell out of Ireland! Even if he'd release all of the political prisioners both in GB and in the US that at least would be a good start Not really sure how he can comment or make suggestion regarding the Israel and Palestine conflict when his country has not been able to solve its own conflict!

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    How are you handeling your son being so far away? When does the depression cease? I know that the worry will not subside until he returns! I ask these questions because my son has just gone "over there" and agrees with your sons' statement about the one way ticket, if you understand where I'm coming from and my fear!

    Please e-mail your advice/thoughts

    Your son will be in my prayers!

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    Ok prn nurse,
    what would you have us do, have sadamm over for cookies and milk along with a discussion on how to play nice with his neighbors and the US? in a perfect world this would work however we do not live in a perfect world!

    How do you suggest that we reason with people that raise their children to be sucide boombers? I'm not saying that I am happy about our current situation but remember 9/11, this time "they" came to us and killed our innocent people! either we show force or we will be squashed!

    Ever heard the saying "never try to teach a pig to sing?" it tends to wast your time and annoys the pig!

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    Great reply, the absolute truth! Not saying that I am happy about it but understand that this is a very necessary War.

    By now my son (he is a medic) is just settling in in the "Big Sand Box" and needless to say, I'm a wreck! He was ready to go and proud to defend our freedom. Can I say that it should be someone elses son? No I wish that mine was not there as I wish that all of the men and women were not there, however that is not reality.

    Thank you for your time and devotion to the US and our freedom!

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    To all who have replyed to the original post, each of you have good points. Grace OZ your son will be in my prayers, Cheerfuldoer I agree with your sentiments. For those of you who think that for one minute this war is not necessary remember 9/11 and how many innocent people lost their lives! Now tell me why this war is a mistake! My Son will soon be defending our freedom, helping to protect against a repeat of 911. How dare any one say "not my son" as long as you live in this country and cherish your freedom, should everyone elses sons and daughters fight for your freedom?
    Don't get me wrong, I am not excited that my only child, just 21, will be in harms way. There are no words to describe the fear, hurt, unrest, or the feelings of being ripped apart when your only child is sent to the "big sand box" for the next 9 months to one year. I'd gladly take his place if I could.
    Not once have the words "not my son" crossed my lips. It is necessary some one has to do it and no ones child is more sacred than anothers. Every soldier has a mother , a father, sister, brother, wife, child or someone that loves them, how can we ask those people to give their loved ones for our freedom if we are not willing to do the same?

    Enough of my soap box, by now you all get the jist of where I'm coming from.
    Please support all of the soldiers in any way you can, prayers, letters, boxes etc. Lets bring them all home safely!