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    You will do fine....have faith in yourself & like I read above, laugh at yourself and with others. Remember, when you are finally an RN, no one will ask your grades, but your skills & knowledge will define who you are as an RN.

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    I did it all with 2 young children, one in diapers & no family to help. There was only 1 way to go...forward. I graduated with honors.

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    1. Nevada
    2. Reno
    3. ICU/CCU (RN for 5 yrs)
    4. $31.50 (nights-differential)
    5. Health/dental/eyes; a chunck comes out of my payck every 2 weeks. Extra if you want to join union & it's based on a % of your Pay rate. For example, I pd $795 last year but sadly the union is not very helpful- a lot of us are disappointed & don't pay fees anymore. Tuition reimbursement: up to $1000/yr. My last payck had approx $475 for axes taken out-this is every payck!

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    I do believe there is a nuring shortage AND nursing teacher shortage. We have to realize that there are lots of areas of nursing and in my particular area (critical care) it seems like we are always short. I am constantly being called in on my days off. Just when we hire new grads, someone who's been here awhile leaves. And I can't blame them. Our hospital just spent millions of dollars for a name change instead of investing in nurse retention and a pay raise for us all. We got NOTHING! A lot of our equipment is out of date and malfunctions. For example, if we want to use a defib, we have to change a plug on the unit first; our med dispenser died the other night just as I was getting a trauma pt, and 2 monitors died as well as were trying to get to CT. We are not allowed to carry phone #'s, pictures, or other important info or pins on our new name badges or put them in a plastic holder.

    :redpinkhe Does anyone work in OREGON?-Portland area? I'm thinking about transferring there for work/school reasons. Any info on OHSU (student or RN) or Providence? Thanks for any advice.

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    You're not old! What is the def of old anyways? I'm a few days away from turning 45 and like myself better each year. I'm physically very active (participate in runs), raising 2 children and have returned to school PT for a MSN. The reason for returning to school after finally getting my BSN???? I love learning--the more I learn, the more I want to learn--and it's of financial necessity. Out here in this dust bowl of NV, we RN's make sad wages. A lot of my fellow RNs are going for per-diem jobs at another nearby hospital. Instead of giving us RNs a higher wage, they decided to spend millions of $$$ on a rediculous name change. As the saying goes here in our unit, you can put pink lipstick on a pig, but the pig is still a pig. In my unit the last week, I got a trauma and it took 3 monitors before we could safely transfer the pt to CT, the diebold med dispenser died and a few other mishaps occurred. Some place, eh? We also got new badges and are NOT allowed to wear them in a plastic holder or put pins on them. Sounds pretty Nazi-like to me or we will get in trouble. Anyway, sorry for getting off the subject. Be proud of who you are!!

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    This is an important topic for us night RNs. I work 3-4 12-hr night shifts/wk and always feel exhausted. I used to run regularly and be a happy person and all I want to do as well is watch mindless TV, read, and sleep. I don't see my children 1/2 the week. A fellow nurse at work gave to me some info on a so-called miracle fruit: Mangosteen. I am so desparate for energy, I may try it. During the night, I am not at all hungry, so I take a lot of fruit & protein drinks which seem to help me make it through the nights. The suggestion of royal jelly is worth trying as well. Hang in there and good luck. Thanks for sharing.