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    I can't compare to other programs (this is the only one I've ever did), and yes, I do like the program. Instructors are very helpful. I spend every available minute reading books, visiting websites and doing NCLEX tests. No more time for family parties or soccer games. Luckily I have full support of my wife and kids. This is my last chance as I'm already past 40th Bday.
    The tests are diffrerent: questions relate more to the Nursing Process (way the nurse think) than to parts of it. Lectures are well organized and some of them are even entertaining (prof. Kessler).
    I did almost all prereqs before starting program. I'm doing one of them now during winter break and then will have only Micro and Creative Voice left.

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    I just passed my first semester at GWCC and I'm still working full time. I'm a heavy equipment operator and I work for big trash company (competely different industry). Don't worry too much about what they say. If you are LPN you don't have to take the first class of nursing (NSG111). You will do great in clinical as you already have the skills. Just take all the other classes before you start Nursing (A&P, Psy, ENG101, 102 etc..) We had several people still taking A&P and unfortunately 7 or 8 had to drop out. Good luck.

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    i did all my prereqs at mxcc (i live in middletown) and then transferred them to gateway. i also applied to nvcc, but i found the commuting to waterbury very troublesome (construction on i-84), so i've chosen the gcc. i think that the staff is very friendly and helpful (but this is my own humble opinion). if i can only find a job in medical setting while being student nurse...