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    Well once again Mississippi is in the "dark ages". I am a nurse manager over a 5 bed CCU and 12 bed step down unit. I have 11 years of ER, CCU, and trauma experience. Have ACLS, EMT-I, TNCC, PALS, NALS, and CPR training. I make a whopping $27.06 an hour. Our new grads start off at $18.50. Our facility does not pay extra for certifications or prior training. We do not offer any increase for LPNs that upgrade to RNs. Our CCU speciality differentail is $.75 an hour. For years of experience we give a 1% increase for each year. I can not tell you how many times I have been laughed at when I tell a seasoned nurse how much they would be making.
    Granted our cost of living is a lot lower than big cities but from what everyone is saying, we are way behind.