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    I'm a registered nurse in the UK and wish to nurse in the USA. I've been reading through some of the threads in the forum and found them interesting.
    I have a couple of questions and would appreciate if anyone could help.

    1. What does LPN and LVN stand for?
    2. What is the best material to use in studying for the NCLEX.
    I read somewhere in the forum and someone mentioned 'SAUNDERS' I guess it is the name of an author who has a book preparing students for the NCLEX. Is this a good source has anyone used book?
    4. Any nurses from the UK now in the States ...... is it best to use an agency to get to the US as a nurse? If yes which agency would you recommend?
    5. I am interested in psychiatric nursing, I have four years experience in prison nursing in the UK can anyone throw light on prison nursing in the US?