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    i need your help regarding HBSag..
    im still a nursing student and i was diagnosed of HBSag carrier... like yours low risk of infectability.
    i am confused and worried if i can work abroad because of my health status.. i dunno what future awaits me..

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    its for your protection...
    remember you should love yourself before others.. means above all think for your safety... and vaccination is for your safety.

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    I'm a nursing student from philippines and hoping to graduate this march 2007. I was diagnosed asymptomatic hepB carrier. And becoz of that I was rejected from my first school of nursing eventhough I provide them my HepB profile and medical certificate that Im still capable of studying nursing. That time my world almost collapsed, coz I really wanted to be a nurse to help others and of course to earn money abroad. But still God is so good coz I was able to transfer in this college wherein they're not that too strict about being hepB carrier and as a result, few months from now I'll be having BSN degree.
    But still things bothers me. Can I work as a nurse here in my own country? Can I work abroad? Im afraid that though I'll pass the CGFNS or NCLEX I'll end up failed in medical exam.
    Please give me motivation and hope....