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    I also used the Saunder's NCLEX reviewer. I also answered at least 150 questions a day and rationalize the next day.I also used Springhouse NCLEX-RN reviewer. It did help build my tenacity in answering the questions especially during my actual NCLEX. Kasi, I have this problem then during my college days that when the going gets tough, I sink.I get tired and just answer anything without analyzing. I just wanted to finish it and get done with it.
    When you're already there in front of the computer during the actual NCLEX,it's like you're having a tennis or fencing final match.That's what I felt then. I really looked for ways to topple that mighty computer and come out the winner. Sometimes,even if you've done all the reviewing and read all the reviewers you can get your hands on,it's also important to prepare yourself psychologically and more so, spiritually. Naku, I prayed to all the saints I can think of and lighted candles in churches.I also fasted.My sisters lit candles in their homes also especially during the time I was taking the NCLEX in Hongkong. Call it desperate,but I didn't mind doing all those things because I wanted to pass.It actually did the trick.I passed.
    I'm sharing this experience because I believe in the Filipino nurse!

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    I reviewed under Ma'am Annabelle Borromeo for my NCLEX.The name of her review center is A+ Nursing Tutorial.Her company is known as ABMCI.Their office is in Makati.They have online reviews and live lectures. Ma'am Annabelle and her reviewers makes difficult topics easy to understand. I passed my exam last March through their help.


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    hello to all members!!! I'm badminton.But you can call me min for short. I have been reading the forum since last year and i find it so informative so I opted to join the growing community.

    I'll soon be in the USA and would like to learn more about how it is to be working in a big hospital as an RN.

    Hope to hear from Tucson nurses most especially.