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    your heading is wrong. you do not know he needs hearing aids, you are not an audiologist. apparently he has issues hearing, he needs to be evald by doc for all possible causes.

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    Quote from Emergent
    Ridiculous. It sounds like someone with OCD is in charge of your infection control department.

    I'd like to see healthcare start to reduce our outrageous impact on our environnfment. The amount of waste of the Mother Earth's resources and trash produced is a sin, in my opinion.
    don't think this is Inf control, but the employer trying to not get sued for exposure.

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    Quote from Coffee Nurse
    Can we temper our zeal for realistic descriptions with a little common decency please. Those of us advocating for Alfie on this thread are trying to argue his humanity. Language like this is crude and unnecessary.
    if they had down votes, I would give you on.e

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    Quote from tacticool
    The parents should be the ones to determine what's in the best interests of the baby; not you, not the government.
    and when the parents fail, who steps up?

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    Quote from tacticool
    Quality of life or not, the parents had their CHOICE and PARENTAL RIGHTS abrogated by a know-it-all National Health System. Their alternative for care in another country was independently funded. They should of had the choice. Socialized medicine equals death panels, plain and simple.
    wrong, plain and simple.

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    Quote from elkpark
    (I've been waiting for her to pop up ...)
    ?pun intended?

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    Quote from offlabel
    Learn from your mistake and move're in very good company.
    you are making no sense

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    Quote from Mavrick
    Probably. If they looked at what we do with the perspective of ignorance most lay people have of the law enforcement world.

    For the most part nurses are trusted before the fact and get an even more generous view of our requests when we explain why we are doing something.

    Police get spit on just for being in a uniform.

    Some people don't give a crap about other people's rights when they are on their own self righteous mission to get what they want, so they blame and torment the enforcer.

    When given a choice about being in the same space with some looney tune with a weapon, you call someone ELSE (police) to handle your problem and get outta the way. You're getting out while they have to go in.

    Since when can you be instantly, absolutely, positively, 100% certain, like your life depended on it that some stranger you just met in low light conditions doesn't have some lethal piece of metal in their fast-moving, coming at you hands????? Cuz if you are wrong just once, you ain't getting home today. or EVER.

    Sure, there are bad apples that deserve a double dose of punishment for abusing their position of trust. That should take a jury of peers to judge these people who have to deal with the underbelly of life that law enforcement officers do.

    Nurses are NOT like police. There is NO comparison to what nurses do.
    I find your cop apologist attitude reprehensible.

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    but I do not look in progress notes for orders...

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    HBV FAQs for Health Professionals | Division of Viral Hepatitis | CDC
    for some reason it won't allow me to copy and paste the relevant is at the end.

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    Quote from CelticGoddess
    My family has 'em all. A, B, AB and O. My daughter is O- and has yet to be able to donate. I swear the last time she tried, the lady who gave her the news that she didn't qualify (my daughter only weighs in at 104lbs) had tears in her eyes. So did my daughter, she wanted to donate.
    weight belt under clothes...

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    Quote from Eris Discordia BSN, RN
    In fairness, I made myself quite sick with my abuse of the med. This wasn't my exact case, but imagine a bulimic seriously abusing a prescription diuretic. (Because the med I abused is such a bizarre med to abuse, I never name it out of fear of my case manager or the Board reading this site. I would be so easily identified.) My doc told me she thought it was a good way to make me force me to get help. But I had quit working months prior because I knew I was in no shape to work. I thought that made me safe...but it didn't. I didn't think the BON would act on it, but I was sorely mistaken about the reach the BON has into nurses' lives.

    In their investigation into me, they got all my medical records. They found out a had a history of mental illness (severe depression) and an old, past problem with addiction. Then they requested even more, older medical records. So they nailed me for those problems as well, even though those weren't what got me reported and they were NOT current problems.

    Because the monitoring folks had no clue what to do with me, since I wasn't abusing a controlled substance, I got placed in a mental health AND opiate abuse-type contract. I never drank alcohol and wasn't abusing opiates, but I still have to take naltrexone and avoid alcohol. I still got a narcotics restriction. I am in mandated psychiatric treatment with therapy and psych drugs. They forced me into a full YEAR of IOP, even though I didn't struggle with stopping the abused med and I never relapsed.

    They truly didn't know what to do with me, so they just decided to make me to every single restriction and treatment a contract could offer. Actual alcohol abusers and opiate addicts in my program aren't required to take naltrexone witnessed. But I am.

    It all just stinks.
    Hopefully that is your FORMER doctor, and did you consider a HIPAA lawsuit against her?

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    I worked for one corp. that expected a fourteen minute donation of your time every shift. that was report time. 7.5 hour shifts, not 8

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    that any one would contribute is disgusting. hopefully the BON will have a few words for her, and not merry Christmas.